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GPS Tracking Website Gets Boost With FDI Creative

Having an online presence is essential to the success of any large or small business, but establishing a website, creating a brand, brainstorming logos and understanding social marketing media can often be a challenging task for a seasoned business person or anyone who is just getting their company started. Making the process even more difficult is the high costs many web design and SEO companies charge to build your website and establish your online identity, assuming they don’t simply use a web-template and move on their way to the next client. Real time GPS tracking and fleet

management specialists Tracking System Direct (TSD) understood early on that it was critical to work with a cost-effective web design company who would help them cultivate and grow their business to the next level, but finding a company who would work hands-on with TSD in creating a website that was truly unique was a arduous process. However, that all changed when a Houston-based company called FDI Creative came to the rescue, offering their assistance and expertise with all of the marketing and web design needs of TSD.

Many people often think that they can do everything themselves and do so in an effective and efficient fashion. Although that statement and idea might hold true for some very few talented people, most of us need assistance in some areas of business and in life. When we need good advice on parenting most of us turn to our mothers or fathers, or some other individual who has knowledge or vast experience in the topic of subject. It simply makes sense to call upon a person with credibility and knowledge when we are in need of any sort of help, and that is why we do not call an auto-mechanic when we need a roof repaired, we call a person who specializes in fixing a roof. FDI Creative specializes in web design, search engine placement, SEO, graphic design, web hosting, logo design, photo editing, content management and more, making the web design company inherently the experts on anything that is web-related.

GPS Tracking Companies’ Exposure Rises

About 6 months ago, TSD was experiencing some growing pains with an old website, and difficulties securing a good placement under popular key search terms on search engines such as Google. Looking to shake things up a bit, TSD took some short time away from the GPS vehicle tracking industry and began focusing on the steps necessary and required to gain more exposure, traffic and eventually sales. After researching hundreds of different companies who claimed they could do all sorts of absurd things if TSD was willing to invest significant funds, TSD stumbled across a web design company that had built a strong reputation for their creative website layouts, unique logo designs and more. What was even more impressive was that this company offered their services at rate that was more than reasonable. Especially, compared to the other web design companies who were saturating the market, over promising and under delivering.

When FDI began working with TSD things began moving fast in both a productive and efficient way. The TSD corporate site got a new logo, new layout and most importantly began skyrocketing up on Yahoo, Bing and Google. Since that time, web traffic by unique visitors tripled, TSD secured the number one ranking on Google for the keyword “tracking system” and the company has sold more GPS tracking systems than any other time in the companies’ history! FDI also helped TSD with social media marketing, establishing a presence on the number one social networking site in the world, Facebook. With more exposure and more traffic, thanks to the enormous efforts brought fourth by FDI, Tracking System Direct ended up having the best annual sales numbers ever in 2010.