GPS Tracking WIth Google Earth

Street View Feature Wows Users

Google Earth Mapping Constantly Evolving

Anyone looking for a sophisticated, detailed yet simple mapping program needs to look no further than Google Earth. The search engine giants offer both a standard version, which is free, and Pro version that provides more in-depth mapping software that can be used to increase employee productivity, share geographic data or better visually communicate with one another. Although the Pro version of Google Earth has all the bells and whistles, the standard version meets most users needs. Even more incredible is a feature many Google Earth users do not even know exists, and it is called the street view feature.

With Google Earth being the preferred mapping program of many law enforcement agencies and businesses, both the GPS Tracking Key and Flashback GPS were designed to use the mapping software. Anyone using a GPS tracking system and who then wants to review the recorded GPS tracking data must view the digital information over some form of mapping program to be provided with a visual record of the events. Detailed text and activity reports are great for adding up mileage, but most users prefer to visually review GPS tracking data. This is what makes the street view feature on Google Earth so special.

The street view feature from Google Earth takes mapping programs to a whole new level, allowing users to tilt, pan, rotate and zoom photos from all over the entire world. Street view users can be sitting in the comfort of their living room or office and get an intimate feel of what life is like in Cairo, Paris, London, Beijing, Cape Town or nearly every city in the world. No other mapping program has any feature that provides the user such an intimate feel of the local landscape.