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GPS Vehicle Tracker In Greensboro

Spouse Calls Out Cheating Husband With Billboard

GPSbillboardCheating on your significant other is a very dangerous game that can have serious consequences, but even more so if that individual is a Greensboro resident by the name of Jennifer. Although her last name and other personal information are not known, what is known is that Jennifer is not afraid to call out those who have done her wrong, as her likely soon to be ex-husband and the world found out courtesy of a large billboard near the ironically titled Battleground Avenue.

The Greensboro billboard was a very direct and public letter to a man named Michael who we can only assume is the soon to be ex-husband of the author, Jennifer. The billboard states the cost of a GPS tracking system, cost of a popular brand of digital camera and a some brief words about how it is “priceless” to catch a “lying husband” and use money from a joint investment account to tell the world of his cheating ways.

The billboard, which has created some controversy among Greensboro residents and motorists, has lefty many people asking if this type of private matter on public display is fair or foul? With most agreeing that what Jennifer spends her money on is her business, some people in the minority think the billboard is simply a tacky way to take a cheap shot at her cheating husband. Regardless, this form of public embarrassment is becoming more trendy, as billboards calling out cheating spouses have been seen popping up throughout the nation.

Do you think the billboard Jennifer paid for to humiliate her husband was appropriate?

Would you use a GPS tracker device to discover if your wife or husband was cheating?

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