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One of the biggest issues with real time GPS trackers is that they can only operate in areas where cellular coverage is present. That means in remote regions live GPS tracking systems have no way to transmit data. Making things more complicated is that most GPS tracking companies are headquartered in the United States so many of the best tracking devices are designed to operate on US-based telematic networks, leaving Canadian customers without a solution. However, for Canadian consumers looking for a device that works in Edmonton, Winnipeg, Brampton, Mississauga, Calgary, and cities all throughout Canada the answer comes in a GPS vehicle tracker no monthly fee Canada. The device is known as a GPS data logger, and it is helping businesses and consumers in Canada track vehicles.

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Canadians who use GPS data loggers will find the hidden GPS tracker for cars can track every second, operate without the need for cellular coverage, and even be placed outside of a vehicle through the use of an exterior magnetic mount. This makes the Canadian GPS vehicle tracker with no monthly perfect for any user who wants to monitor an automobile covertly. Other features of GPS trackers with no monthly fees include:

  1. Waterproof casing for GPS 
  2. Magnetic surface mount
  3. Compact size for easy placement 
  4. Highly sensitive internal antenna 
  5. Motion sensor to increase battery-life 

Want to learn more about placing a GPS tracking system on a car? Check out our article on where is the best place to put a GPS tracker on a car!

Wireless GPS TrackerBest GPS Tracker In Canada

Hidden GPS Tracking Device

There are a number of different GPS vehicle tracker no monthly fee Canada for businesses and consumers to choose from, but that does not mean all are created equally. When Canadian consumers are researching what are the best GPS tracking devices they typically discover a product known as the PlayBack GPS tracker. This is because the PlayBack GPS tracker is the highest-rated and reviewed data logger on the market in both the United States and Canada. The reason is that the device has the longest battery life of any no monthly fee car tracker, making it widely used by consumers, businesses, and even law enforcement agencies.

best hidden GPS trackerHow Much Does A Tracker Cost For A Car?

The PlayBack, a GPS vehicle tracker no monthly fee Canada, has a one-time investment of $199.00. Pricing includes the GPS tracking system, the battery charger, and free technical assistance for the life of the product.

When it comes to technological GPS monitoring products, a user has two choices of type of device they can select from, active vs passive. Most people automatically assume all GPS tracker systems are active, meaning the position of a person, vehicle, or asset can be located and monitored remotely via computer or mobile communication device. The active GPS technology is more commonly recognized by people because television crime and investigation shows have popularized the covert surveillance systems. However, passive technology is actually equally as popular among businesses, consumers, and an assortment of law enforcement agencies because the technology is affordable, easy-to-use, does not require cellular communication, and tracks data every single second! Although no monthly fee vehicle trackers are very simple to operate, many people in Canada may wonder how the data is accessed if it can not be remotely viewed from a computer?

Downloading GPS Location Data

The cool thing about passive systems, also known as data logging devices, is that they are not dependent upon cellular towers to transmit data or any form of a wireless device. This means that data does not need to be sent to a server via telematics communication where the user then goes online to view GPS data. Instead, passive devices require a much more hands-on approach to GPS data acquisition. The process of vehicle tracking for both passive and active devices begins in the same way, the user places a GPS tracker on the target vehicle they wish to monitor. However, when a person using a passive GPS wants to view their personal tracking system data they must retrieve the actual device from the target vehicle in order to view all the information associated with travel activity. Maps will provide detailed reports both locally to Canadians as well as global footprints.

Once the user has manually removed the GPS tracking device from the target vehicle they will then need to download the data stored on the passive tracker to a computer, where the GPS data can be viewed. The download process really only varies slightly between passive trackers, as USB connection is the preferred method of data transfer. Once the data transfer has been successful, the GPS data is then extracted using online software that shows detailed driving cavity reports of any vehicle traveling through Canada. This includes both remote and populates areas such in:

  • Alberta
  • British Columbia 
  • Manitoba 
  • Ontario
  • New Brunswick
  • Nova Scotia
  • Newfoundland and Labrador Canadian Provinces

After the GPS data has been extracted, the data can then be displayed in a detailed driving summary report, over an animated digital street mapping program or with Google Earth, allowing the user to know every location the target vehicle went, how long the target vehicle was at each stop and more.

Downloading Data Means No Service Fees

Although some people might view GPS vehicle trackers with no monthly fees in Canada as inferior to real-time tracking systems, there are actually advantages to using data logging solutions. This is because the GPS data loggers track without requiring cellular communication, record data every second, and have no service fees associated with usage. Since passive GPS systems do not use cell towers to transmit data (data is manually downloaded), the user does not need to pay the expensive monthly fees associated with live tracking!

Accessing data from a passive GPS is a simple process that makes the technology advantageous for parents interested in monitoring teen driving, small business GPS tracking and more.

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