GPS Vehicle Tracking Devices

Best Car GPS Tracker For Vehicles 

best hidden gps tracker for car long battery life

  • Magnetic GPS Tracker With Over 138-Days Of Location Tracking
  • Track Your Cars Without Them Ever Knowing A Thing
  • GPS Locator Updates Within 6-Feet Accuracy 
  • Car GPS Works Anywhere In North America


Vehicle Management 

Location tracking technology is the easiest way any business can improve profit, routing, customer service, and efficiency. GPS devices for cars used to locate vehicles have progressed significantly over the past 10 years, making them now more affordable and easy to use than ever before! Large fleet management operations are no longer the only businesses taking advantage of car locator technology as almost every company with a mobile asset has been modernizing communication and accountability efforts. Companies utilizing GPS tracking system technology include:

  • Driver Education Schools
  • Flower Shops
  • Pizza Delivery Services
  • Grocery Stores
  • Construction Companies
  • Taxi Services
  • Distribution Companies

Best GPS Vehicle Tracker 2021

Having the ability to route an employee, easily document mileage traveled, or see everywhere an employee has been with only a few clicks of a mouse empowers a business. The tracking systems can be easily hidden from a driver’s view, being permanently installed to a vehicle’s power supply, or used as portable monitoring devices, functioning via the tracker’s internal battery. Using a car GPS tracker as a portable device gives employers and businesses the ability to move the system from vehicle-to-vehicle if they suspect potential employee misuse of a company vehicle. Cutting down on unauthorized trips, excessive vehicle idling, and poor route management will increase a company’s bottom line and vehicle maintenance efforts. When it comes to the best GPS vehicle tracker with long battery life on the market the reviews have the Everlast Nano as the winner!

GPS Trackers

Top 7 GPS Vehicle Tracking Devices (Honorable Mention)

  1. Everlast Spark Nano
  2. SpaceHawk GPS
  3. Driving Activity Reporter 
  4. LandAirSea GPS 54
  5. Trak-4
  6. Bouncie Antitheft Device
  7. SpyTec GL 31000

The above top GPS trackers were calculated using a combination of real customer reviews on Amazon, as well as reviews from accredited GPS tracking review websites.

Real Time GPS Vehicle Tracker

Imagine having the ability to locate a vehicle at any time, any day. This is what realtime GPS tracking provides and the benefits truly are immense. For example, real-time GPS trackers for cars can help an automobile owner quickly recover a car or truck if that vehicle is stolen, but also give parents a tool to oversee teen driving and businesses the ability to manage company fleets in seconds! With location information updated as fast as every 3 seconds with some real time GPS vehicle trackers, keeping a watchful eye on mobile assets really has never been easier.

Live GPS tracking even provides alerting features so users can instantly be notified if an automobile is moving if a driver is operating a vehicle at an excessive rate of speed and more! These geofencing and speed safety alerts are sent via SMS text message and/or email to an unlimited amount of contacts, making it notification of unwanted vehicle activity nearly instant!

GPS vehicle tracking systems require monthly obligations due to the cost of data transmission. Those investing in live car tracking technology can anticipate paying anywhere between $15-$30 per month, depending on the data plan they choose for their mini GPS.

real time gps trackingFree Vehicle Tracker App

One of the best aspects of using GPS tracking devices is that all of the locational data is literally at the user’s fingertips! This is because data from each personal GPS tracker can be accessed using a free mobile app that displays location over a Google Map! Simply download the location trackers’ app to an iPhone or Android to instantly track a car in real time! The asset tracking app will even store historical driving activity so the user can easily go back in time to see where their automobile has been! This historical playback feature is super helpful among businesses who want to see where employees are going while working in the field because it allows managers to determine that drivers are not misusing company vehicles or driving dangerously.

Those who choose not to use free tracking apps to track vehicle locations can use a web browser to view realtime location data. Whether it is Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, or Brave, all a person has to do is enter the password and username they created to instantly view both live and historical personal tracking data!

GPS Vehicle Tracker No Monthly Fee

Real time GPS vehicle trackers are great fleet management and automotive security solution for businesses and everyday consumers, but what options are available for those seeking a GPS car tracker with no monthly fees? The good news is that GPS data loggers can provide that car tracking solution with no monthly fees!

Benefits of Vehicle Tracking:

  • Record everywhere a driver is moving
  • Record how fast a driver is moving
  • 90-day historical playback of routes traveled
  • Document every stop a driver made
  • Improve communication, routing, overall driving accountability, and performance


Increase Profit And Performance Today With An Investment In Vehicle Tracking System Technology!

Vehicle Tracker On A Car

One of the most frequently asked questions regarding GPS trackers for cars is where to place the device on a vehicle. When it comes to placing a vehicle tracker on an automobile the user basically needs to determine whether they want to connect the GPS tracking system to the power source of the target vehicle, or discretely equip the tracker device upon the automobile in a stealthy fashion. GPS tracking devices were engineered to offer users both options, but it is important to recognize the benefits and possible shortcomings of choosing each method.

Where To Hide A GPS Tracker

Location Trackers That Can Be Installed On A Car

Businesses looking for a vehicle tracking solution without the headaches of recharging the device’s battery can opt for an OBD tracking system that will pull power from the car battery. Those opting for a hard-wired GPS or plug-and-play style auto security systems have two options:

  1. Hire a professional installer to connect GPS vehicle tracker to the 12-volt system of the automobile
  2. Connect real time GPS to the vehicle through the On-Board Diagnostic Port (OBDII)

The benefit of hiring a professional installer is that the GPS vehicle tracking systems can be mounted behind the stereo, under the dash, or in other covert locations inside the cab of the vehicle where a driver would never be able to notice the tracking device. However, the drawback with that type of installation is there will most certainly be a higher cost. That is why most businesses are now choosing vehicle tracking devices that can connect to the OBDII Port.

Connecting a GPS vehicle tracker to the OBD2 port is literally as easy as connecting a cell phone charger to a cigarette lighter adapter. The plug-and-play approach is very user-friendly and allows a business to avoid paying a professional installer to connect the GPS vehicle tracker to the automobile’s 12-volt system. There is one drawback however with plug-and-play solutions, and that is as easy as a vehicle tracking system can be plugged into the OBDII Port it can be disconnected just as easily. Therefore, this location is NOT recommended for businesses wanting to use a GPS tracker for theft-recovery applications, or for those concerned a driver could tamper with the real time vehicle tracking device.

Smallest GPS Tracker

GPS Vehicle Tracker Hidden On Car

When hard-wiring a tracking device is not an option the only other choice is to use a portable auto tracker that can be hidden inside or outside of the car. People wanting to hide a vehicle tracking system on a car can do so with simplicity given that many trackers have highly sensitive antennas to acquire GPS signals, waterproof housing, and of course a magnetic surface mount that offers attachment to the outside of a vehicle. Below are some of the most popular places people hide a 4G GPS on a car or truck:

  1. GPS tracker is hidden underneath the vehicle via a magnetic mount 
  2. Realtime vehicle GPS is tucked under a car seat
  3. Tracking system is hidden in the vehicle’s glovebox 
  4. Real time GPS is attached under a car bumper

Top GPS trackers are compact, portable, and highly covert which gives users the opportunity to easily track a car with complete discretion. Those tracking a car with a portable GPS can view online tracking software to observe when battery-life gets low or even have the vehicle tracker send out a low-battery text message/email alert!