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GPS Walter White Uses On Breaking Bad

GPS Tracker Featured On Breaking Bad

No AMC television show has been more successful capturing both viewers and critic’s hearts than Breaking Bad. The show revolves around a character named Walter White who after receiving a terminal diagnosis of lung cancer decides to look for alternative methods to make sure his family is financially supported after his death. Being a chemistry teacher, Walter decides to cook methamphetamine, but his knowledge of chemicals results in boom in demand for his “Blue Sky” speed. Walter finds himself entangled in a drug world he knew nothing about and is forced to engage in all sorts of different levels of violence and surveillance. However, what caught the eye of many viewers was the use of a particular security product Walter used to monitor vehicle driving activity of a target. Now people everywhere are asking how to find the GPS vehicle tracking device featured on Breaking Bad.

The small GPS tracking system with exterior magnetic mount featured on Breaking Bad does exist and it goes by the name GPS Tracking Key. However, the television show hardly scratched the surface on what the GPS data logger can actually do. For example, the GPS tracker on Breaking Bad can provide detailed driving activity reports that include every location a driver has been, total mileage driven and more. The data from the tracking device can also be viewed using Google Earth to provide a more unique view of historical driving activity through the use of the satellite image program.

“The tracking device on Breaking Bad has been one of our top selling vehicle monitoring units because the device is easy to operate, tracks data every second and requires no monthly service fees”, explained a sales rep for global GPS tracking company Tracking System Direct. “Often times people will contact us to talk about the Breaking Bad tracker and then inquire about the other personal or vehicle tracking systems we offer. They are then excited to hear about the next generation of GPS data loggers we offer along with the real-time tracking devices such as the SpaceHawk.”

The GPS car tracker seen on Breaking Bad has a retail price of $169.00 and can be purchased 7 days a week at the Tracking System Direct online store.