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GPS Tracking Store Open

online-storeGPS enthusiasts and customers visiting the Tracking System Direct online store over this past weekend likely noticed an error message from BlueHost stating that the GPS tracking store was down for maintenance. This was indeed a correct message as Tracking System Direct was performing standard maintenance on Friday night through Sunday morning in order to make the online store operate at the most efficient level possible. Tracking System Direct would like to apologize for any inconvenience the maintenance and upgrades may have caused for shoppers, but is happy to report that the online store is back up and running better than ever!

“After running internal diagnostics on the website we realized that there were areas where we could improve upload times among other hosting-related issues”, explained the Vice President of the GPS company. “Our goal has always been to not only offer our customers the best GPS tracking systems on the market, but also provide the highest level of customer satisfaction. The diagnostics showed us that the online store had the ability to be improved and offer an overall better customer experience. Anything we can do to better showcase our product line, inform our customers or simply create a better experience for shoppers is something we will always take advantage of. In order to improve the online store it was necessary to briefly take it offline, but we are proud that it’s back online now and better than ever!”

One of the most noticeable changes shoppers visiting the Tracking System Direct online GPS store will see is how quickly pages will upload content. Many people now use mobile devices and tablets to browse online or shop and this recent upgrade will significantly reduce the length of time it takes for users to begin reviewing GPS products and GPS-related news events. The faster uploading will also benefit those operating with slower Internet connectivity.

Anyone with specific questions about the recent update or GPS vehicle tracking systems offered through the online store can contact a representative at Tracking System Direct 7 days a week. We always appreciate hearing from our customers and assisting them with their personal GPS monitoring needs.