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As technology enthusiasts and GPS tracking experts, we truly believe that knowledge is found in the sharing of ideas. This is the reason Tracking System Direct has recently begun accepting guest posts! But before you hit that “contact” button and request to write for us you must understand that this unique writing opportunity has some pretty tough guidelines. So if you are interested in submitting a guest post to be published on the Tracking System Direct security blog then please understand the guidelines below before contacting us.

5 Rules For Guest Posting

Rule #1: Guest Post Authors Must Have A History Producing Good Posts

We literally get inquiries every week for guest post contributions to our security blog. And very rarely do those inquiries result in publication. The reason is that many contributing guest post authors do not have a history of writing awesome content.

Here’s what Tracking System Direct looks for when vetting guest post authors:

  • Spam – We Google the name of the guest post author to be certain that the author is not producing low-quality content that does not engage the reader.
  • Links – The guest content they produce is not linked to bad actors or spam sites.
  • Word Count – Guest posts should have depth so it is important that the word count is at least 1,000.

Rule #2: We Look For Bad Links

If links don’t benefit our readers, we remove them. We only ask that the links help educate the readers on our security blog. In terms of links to your blog/website here are our guidelines for guest post contributors.

  • Your bio only contains 2 links – one link to the guest author’s website, and the other to a social profile like a Twitter handle or Facebook page.
  • Guest posts should contain at least 5 outbound links – We like the one-link per-paragraph rule of thumb. Again, make sure those links educate readers and are pointed to high-quality content!

Rule #3: Guest Post Content Must Be Unique + Informative

We do not accept any guest posts where the content is not related to our theme. Guest post contributors should focus on topics related to teen driving, senior safety, automotive security, GPS tracking, and “how-to” articles. The guest post should also have content that is a minimum of 1,000 words, with no fluff. That means direct information that is easy for our readers to understand. Not only will every guest post be manually read by a Tracking System Direct editor, but it will also be put through Copyscape to validate that the content is unique.

Rule #4: We Are Selective

Guest posts with spelling or grammar errors won’t get published. Guest posts that are boring to the reader or lack information won’t get published. Guest posts that are not in line with our theme won’t be published. Are you catching the vibe?

Rule #5: Tracking System Direct Owns Guest Post Content

We accept guest posts and provide do-follow links to the author’s website + one social profile once the content has been vetted and approved. However, it is important to know that once guest post contributor content is published that content is now the property of Tracking System Direct. That means we might make small changes such as the title, headers, etc, or anything to improve the post so it is a better experience for our readers. We will provide name credit and links so people know who the author of the guest post is, but the rights to that content are released to Tracking System Direct.

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