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Many people are probably aware of the catalog company Hammacher Schlemmer for their unique and cool line of products, but many people may not know that the company which began in the 1800s is currently carrying a Tracking System Direct tracker known as the GPS Tracking Key!

Hammacher Schlemmer offers a wide range of products from toys, holiday decor, home living supplies, and electronics, but one of the devices that have created a buzz and are available via their print and online catalog is a sophisticated GPS monitoring tool called the GPS Tracking Key! Although the good folks at Hammacher have chosen to re-brand the monitoring device under the name the Driving Activity Reporter, we are here to report that it is the same exact system that Tracking System Direct has carried over the past two years. The only difference is that Tracking System Direct offers the unit at a much more affordable cost, provides free shipping and free technical assistance for the life of the no monthly fee GPS tracker!

No Service Fee GPS Device In Catalog

Tracking System Direct is proud to have the GPS Tracking Key available to consumers and businesses because of the many benefits the car tracker offers. By recording every single stop a driver makes, capturing routes traveled, documenting mileage driven, and more, this vehicle monitoring system allows anyone to improve teen driving safety or find out where a company driver has been. All of the GPS data recorded from the vehicle management system is displayed in a written text format, over an animated digital street map program, or over the sophisticated satellite mapping program Google Earth.

Anyone interested in learning more about the tracker offered through Hammacher Schlemmer can visit the Tracking System Direct website, or contact us 7 days a week to get more information. GPS experts are standing by to assist you!

Complete product descriptions of the Driving Activity monitoring device and the professional version can be found on the Tracking System Direct website.