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Whether you are sports enthusiast, person looking to keep the sun off your head or simply an individual who feels that hats are fashionably in, the Hat Camera is the device for you! The Hat Camera is a portable, covert and one-size-fits-all adjustable surveillance tool that will give anyone the ability to record video and audio data with ease. The Hat Camera is identical to a normal everyday hat, but this hat was designed with a micro DVR that will record information in full high-resolution color video! Simply turn the Hat Camera on with a quick push of a button on the included remote control and begin covertly recording activity! The Hat Camera was engineered with a micro camera lens that provides the user 80 degree view during video recording.

Hat Camera Specifications & Technical Information:

  • Power Info: 5 Volt
  • Full Color Video
  • 0.2 Lux
  • 450 TV Lines
  • CCD
  • Field Of View: 80 Degrees
  • Lens Size: 4.3MM

Why The Hat Camera Is For You

What makes the Hat Camera special is that the user can take the surveillance tool basically anywhere they go and nobody will be able to detect the video monitoring system. A complete and professional video surveillance tool, the Hat Camera is a great device for people on vacation who want to record moments without the hassle of carrying around a bulky camcorder or for those seeking a sophisticated and covert spy camera.

Product Includes:

  • Hat Camera
  • Hat Camera Users Manual & Instruction Guide
  • Battery Holder