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Helping Endangered Sheep With GPS Trackers


GPS Tracker For Bighorn Sheep

A once thriving animal with a population in the millions, the bighorn sheep now find themselves an endangered species. The majestic creatures, most recognizable by their large horns that can at times weigh over 30lbs., are now being extensively researched by a team of biologists at the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort in Wyoming. More specifically, a group of sheep known as the Teton Range Bighorn Sheep Herd, are the ones being monitored with GPS tracking systems by the team of researchers headed by biologist Aly Courtemanch.

GPS Devices Teach Researchers About Endangered Sheep

Researchers are hoping that the GPS trackers will help them understand how the Teton Range Bighorn Herd of about 100 bighorn sheep survive the harshest of Winter conditions. Researchers find this particular herd very interesting because they are the only known bighorns that choose not to move to lower, more environmentally friendly conditions during the coldest months, instead opting to stay in the peaks of the mountains.

A supporter of the project stated, “How these beautiful animals survive extremely brutal conditions is a mystery, and hopefully with advanced GPS tracking and monitoring devices we can learn more about how they do it”.

With the tracking devices providing an in-depth view of the movements of the herds, and researchers gathering fecal, hair and blood samples, it may not be long before the team of biologists begin unlocking the mysteries surrounding the herd.

Tracking System Direct would like to personally thank Aly Courtemanch and the other individuals working on this project for their time and dedication to helping us all learn more about these majestic animals.