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Hidden Camera In San Antonio Texas

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Spy Camera Records Suspect In Bathroom Spying Case

Personal privacy is important to everyone, especially when an individual is at home or in the workplace. Unfortunately for employees at a business in San Antonio, not only was their privacy being invaded by a fellow co-worker but he was also recording them in a very unflattering situation.

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When an employee for an unnamed San Antonio business discovered a video recording device in the employee restroom the first emotion felt was a shock. Placed on the back of a shelf sitting near the front of a toilet, a spy camera was recording people as they used the restroom. Personal privacy advocate or not, everyone can agree that being recorded while dropping a deuce is pretty nasty stuff. Thankfully, the hidden camera was not transmitting the video data in real-time to a remote site but rather recording data to a memory card. The reason this was good was that the surveillance camera also recorded some critical evidence that would lead to the arrest of the voyeur. What the spy camera recorded was the guilty person installing the monitoring system in the restroom.

A San Antonio police officer explained that when they were called to investigate the complaint about an illegal spy camera in a company bathroom that the first thing they did was seize the monitoring device. Police then reviewed the data recorded on the memory card of the spy camera and were stunned to see that the suspect actually recorded himself setting up the surveillance device accidentally! San Antonio Police were able to determine that the person who installed the spy camera in the company restroom was a man by the name of Ray De la Cruz. An arrest warrant was issued and Cruz was brought into custody by San Antonio law enforcement authorities.

After dialogue with the Texas authorities, Cruz took responsibility for setting up the hidden camera in the company restroom. Currently, Cruz is free on a $10,000 bond, but if he is convicted for the crime, which is likely since he already admitted guilt, he could spend upwards of two years in prison.

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