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Where Would You Put Your GPS Tracker?

QuestionGPS tracking systems have pretty much overtaken the business world and are now making their presence felt in the consumer world. When GPS monitoring devices first made their appearance they were mostly used for military applications, police surveillance and massive trucking fleets. However, cost has come down and car trackers have become more accessible, resulting in an increase of popularity among other users. The next wave of car tracking users became small businesses with fleet management needs, consumers looking to improve safety by monitoring an elderly driver or teen driver, and people who had suspicions about pretty much anything. Today’s car trackers are smaller than a deck of cards, designed with strong housing and engineered with an outside magnetic mount that makes it for any person looking to monitor a vehicle to easily attach a tracking system to the undercarriage or frame of an automobile. Through the use of a magnetic mount, users can now pretty much put a vehicle tracker anywhere they want, so our vehicle tracking experts would like to know where you would place a car tracker and who would you track!

Would you hard-wire a real-time tracking unit to an automobile so you never had to be concerned with battery life, or would you attach a portable car tracker to the outside frame of a vehicle?

Would you use a car tracking unit to observe the driving habits of a senior family member, make certain a young teen driver is going to the places they say they are going, provide a theft-recovery solution or use the device as a novelty to play jokes on family members?

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