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Hotels Use GPS Tracking Systems

GPS Tracker For Hotels

Hotel companies continue to be plagued by theft from guests. The thievery has officially become a multi-million dollar issue that is beginning to really hurt hotel companies’ bottom-line revenue, especially in a struggling global economy. Hotels are able to sustain small-scale theft such as shampoo bottles, shower towels, or coffee pots, but it is the large-scale items that cause not only lost revenue but major headaches. Some items that have been stolen from hotel rooms include:

  • Televisions
  • Art Work
  • Busts
  • Fire Places
  • Pianos
  • Mini Fridges

When guests feel they can steal grand pianos out of their hotel room then the hotel companies have no choice but to begin implementing additional security measures. One additional security measure some hotels are looking at to combat the thievery is GPS tracking systems.

Real Time GPS For Hotels

Hotel companies have a unique problem that many other businesses do not have to recognize or consider, and that is patron’s privacy. When a guest books a room, that room essentially becomes their home for the duration of their stay. Therefore, hotel companies have to respect their guest’s privacy and cannot take standard security measures that other businesses take, such as installing surveillance equipment or cameras in each room. Instead, some hotel companies are looking at live GPS tracker technology as the solution to high-scale theft.

GPS monitoring devices are used by companies around the world every day to help guard and secure valuable assets, ranging from cars and boats to exotic pieces of art. The function of a GPS tracker is simple, it records the location of the item or device it is attached to, and if that item or device ever gets stolen or misplaced it can quickly be recovered by accessing the real-time GPS data.

If hotel companies choose to utilize GPS tracking devices to monitor expensive assets it would probably be done on a very limited basis. One anonymous hotel spokesman said, “We will review all options available to reduce theft, even if that means using alternative security options such as GPS tracking systems. However, it is our position that we have no intention of placing a GPS tracker on everything from bars of soap to mini-fridges.”

As GPS tracking systems become more affordable they will become more advantageous and available for all businesses. Although it is highly doubtful that hotel companies would use GPS trackers to monitor regular household items in standard hotel rooms, many luxury hotels may take advantage of the real-time tracking technology in presidential and honeymoon suites, or any room filled with expensive assets.


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