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How Far Can A GPS Tracker Work?

One of the most common questions asked by consumers and businesses interested in purchasing GPS is how accurate are GPS locators? The reason is that when a parent of a teen driver or company uses a GPS tracking device they want to be certain that the data provided by the location-based technology is accurate beyond the shadow of a doubt. With car tracking devices with no monthly fees and real time GPS trackers more popular today than ever before, it is important that consumers and businesses understand the accuracy, reliability, and basics of GPS.

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Accuracy Of Live GPS Vehicle Trackers

Real time GPS trackers require cellular technology to transmit locational data, and therefore the reliability can be compromised if cellular coverage is below satisfactory. And depending on the SIM card used, a live GPS tracker might only be able to operate in the country in which the SIM card is capable of working. Meaning the telematics in Canada vs the United States is different, and therefore if a car equipped with a real time GPS tracker crossed the border it could begin to show inaccuracies due to cellular coverage.

Can GPS Tracking Be Wrong?

GPS trackers are accurate to the point the data gathered from a GPS vehicle tracking system can be used in evidence in a court of law. However, there are some factors that can result in GPS tracking is wrong. Can GPS tracking be wrong? Yes under the following conditions:

  • Urban Canyon Environments: Large buildings that cause GPS signals to bounce and get confused
  • Mountains: High peaks can cause GPS signals to reflect and have the potential to cause some inaccuracy 
  • Bad Placement: When a GPS vehicle tracker is placed in a location where it is surrounded by metal such as the trunk of an automobile, the tracking device can report inaccuracies.

What factors affect GPS accuracy? The above are a few of the factors that can cause a GPS tracking system to provide potential inaccurate data, but it is important to note that those circumstances are very unique. And even in those unique circumstances, a GPS tracking system can still provide highly accurate data. In fact, in moderate to ideal placement, a GPS tracker can locate a vehicle to the exact parking spot it is in!

Do GPS Trackers Really Work?

There are some very unique circumstances that can cause inaccuracies, but the real question is do GPS trackers really work? How accurate is a GPS car tracker? GPS tracking systems are accurate up to 2.5 meters (6 feet) when the devices have a direct line of sight to the sky, and there are no obstructions or situations that could potentially cause inaccuracies. The technology really works, works well, and is highly accurate. This is the reason so many businesses and consumers call upon the technology and the detailed reporting options and features provided by GPS tracking.