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How Can I Track My Child’s Phone Without Them Knowing?

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Top 5 Apps For Spying On Your Kids

The reality is there are a lot of things kids do online or on their cell phones that would easily be described as “inappropriate” at best. However, having access to what a child is doing is critical when it comes to boosting safety. So if you ever wanted to know what your child was doing and track their phone without them knowing then check out this list of the best 5 apps for spying on kids!

Can I Track My Child’s Phone?

The short answer? It depends. As long as your child is dependent and a minor, you’re most likely in the clear (though you should still do your due diligence to learn the laws in your state or region to be sure). When it comes to spying on anyone who isn’t your dependent or is an adult, however, you can’t legally track their phone.

If, however, you’re in the clear legally to track your child’s phone without them knowing, then it really just comes down to picking the right app. Some apps, for instance, are easier to hide on your child’s phone than others. Thankfully, there are a lot of great mobile apps for teen GPS tracking that help parents keep a watchful eye on their children.

The below 5 apps for spying on your kids are some of our favorites!

  1. mSpy. As discussed above, capabilities differ between the ios and Android versions, but in general, mSpy does a great job of tracking both where your children are (without them knowing) and monitoring other features of their phones, including social media, texts, photos, browsing histories, and messaging apps, making it incredibly difficult for your kids to hide things on their phones from you.
  2. Cocospy. Similar to mSpy, Cocospy gives parents access to most of their children’s’ phone activity. Unlike mSpy, however, it may not require jailbreaking their phone if they have an iPhone—though it may require using their iPhone credentials. You still get all the same features as mSpy, however, making it another great option.
  3. MamaBear. While MamaBear doesn’t offer quite as many spying features as the two apps above, it does offer a feature most other hidden apps don’t: It monitors driving behavior. For those of you with new teen drivers, that might be all the argument you need!
  4. The Phone Sheriff. The Phone Sheriff offers a nice option many other similar apps don’t: Limiting how long your children can spend on their phone. While locking them out of their phone when they’ve reached their 60-minute limit, for instance, may give away that you have something monitoring their phone usage, it might also just be worth it.
  5. Mobicip. Mobicip is great for blocking content on your children’s’ phones; phones set at the high school level won’t allow access to sites with sexual content or violence, whereas phones set at the middle school level blocks chat sites and more.