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How Can We Prevent Teen Road Accidents From Happening

Prevention Of Teen Road Accidents

Every parent understands the responsibility that comes with having a driver’s license and operating a motor vehicle. At one point in time, we have all passed by a horrific car accident on the road, and many times those accidents can be prevented by doing simple things such as not talking on a cell phone while driving or excessively speeding. Sadly, according to many of the studies conducted by independent insurance agencies and teen safety groups, teenage drivers are the group that carries the strongest reputation of being unsafe drivers because they are frequently known to drive distracted and at unsafe speeds. It is because of these dangerous teen driving behaviors that concerned parents have found themselves turning toward technological solutions such as GPS tracking systems to help make certain that their teenage motorist is not engaging in driving habits that could have fatal consequences, but the question leaving many parents perplexed is whether or not they should inform their teens that a GPS vehicle tracker will be monitoring driving.


Information for teens about parents tracking a car

Benefits Of Telling  Teen About Car Tracking

Some people always believe that honesty is the best policy, and that is why it is important to let a teen know if you as a parent intent on preventing a possible teen road accident with a GPS tracking unit. Parents can tell their teenager that by installing a live car tracking device such as the SilverCloud GPS to their vehicle that it will help reduce insurance rates (something that many teens who pay their own insurance would appreciate), provide a way to know where their teen is at during an emergency and access instant location data if the teen becomes lost and needs directions. The reasoning for using the car tracker comes from a genuine and concerning place that teens should be able to understand, and will likely accept. Here are more reasons parents call upon supervised driving technology to monitor a teens’ car:

  • Make sure teen drivers are following rules of the road
  • Reduce the risk of crash by improving teens driving safety 
  • Monitor teenage car activity to be sure every speed limit is being observed 

Drinking and driving and distracted driving are two things that scare every parent when it comes to accidents involving teenagers. Sadly, almost every teenage car accident involving a fatal crash can be attributed to inexperience or recklessness, not reaction time or weather conditions. This means parents need all technological tips to avoid car crashes among teens. This includes tracking devices that have shown to be highly effective at preventing teen motor crashes.

OBD2 tracker


Negatives Of Telling Teen About GPS On Their Car

When teens are ready to do something that is either a) dangerous, b) stupid or c) all of the above, the teen will be certain not to use their vehicle if they are aware a GPS tracker is monitoring the car. The teen will instead plan accordingly to take a friend’s car to go to the weekend house party, rock concert, or trip across the border. Teens may like to pretend they do not care or know what is going on, but when it comes to being sneaky they can often be as effective as CIA agents or secret ninja warriors. More tech-savvy teens can even uninstall the user-friendly car tracking systems, disconnecting the device temporarily while they do the things they want to do privately. With so many tracking systems designed to easily be connected and disconnected, a smart teen could easily disable a car tracker for a short duration of time.

The best solution for parents wanting to find out if their teenager is going to party spots on the weekends, driving dangerously fast, or simply prevent a possible road accident is to invest in a GPS data logger. Passive GPS data loggers will capture accurate data, and do so without the heavy cost of real-time hardware and monthly service obligations. This tends to be the most effective way to uncover what a teen is doing and if they are driving too fast.

Affordable Trackers For Parents Worried About Teen Driving

Parents looking to prevent roadside teen accidents are having to be more intelligent about the way they spend their hard-earned cash. Both online shoppers and those who scan the retail outlets at local malls can no longer afford to impulsively purchase the products they desire but instead must bargain shop to find the best deals available. When it comes to technology products such as vehicle tracking solutions, most consumers have a strong tendency to impulse buy because they want to find out immediately if their spouse is having an affair, employees are taking advantage of company time or teen is driving dangerously. Since time is of the essence when it comes to acquiring information that can save a marriage, boost profit or increase personal safety, it is very difficult for consumers and businesses to allocate large amounts of time for research into GPS monitoring devices. For concerned parents of teen drivers looking for a cheap car tracker that does not skimp on performance and reliability, the Driving Activity Reporter is the ideal solution!

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What makes the Driving Activity Reporter different than the expensive live tracking solutions on the market is that the pocket-sized GPS receiver requires no monthly service fees of any kind, no activation fees, no contracts, no external antenna(s), no hard-wire installation, and no hassles. At less than half of the cost of most real-time tracking solutions on the market, Driving Activity Reporter offers parents of teenage motorists an accurate and affordable way to manage employee driving, monitor teen driving, and more.

GPS Tracker For CarPopular Features Of Teen GPS

  • Teen GPS Records Every Single Second
  • No Internet, Cell Phone Towers, Or Wireless Communications Required 
  • Text Report Formatting & Digital Street Map To Display GPS Data
  • Teen GPS Tracker Documents Every Stop A Target Makes, Including Addresses Which Can Be Viewed Via Google Maps

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How Much Does The GPS Driving Activity Reporter Cost?

With a retail value of $169.oo, parents will find that the Driving Activity Reporter is one of the best ways to prevent roadside accidents through the management of teen driving. GPS tracking systems are often times very expensive because they transmit data in real-time, and often require permanent installation. When a GPS solution is considered “active” or live, the user is required to pay a monthly service fee for usage, an activation fee, additional activation fees if they ever cancel service temporarily and more. Many live tracking solutions also are required to be permanently installed by a professional, requiring additional investment in a GPS hard-wire kit, possible external antenna, and installer labor costs. All of these things add up to big costs that make it nearly impossible for small businesses and consumers to get the location-based driving activity data they seek. Thankfully, Driving Activity Reporter is a cost-effective alternative solution to the problem while also giving parents a unique tool to prevent teen driving accidents.

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