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How Do You Stop Package Thieves?

Wireless GPS Tracker

How Do You Keep Packages Safe From Porch Pirates?

Law enforcement sting operations for holiday shopping stealing sprees? Using real time GPS tracking devices to catch thieves? Is this a good idea? Well, it certainly is if you have been a victim of porch pirates or have thought about how to catch holiday thieves at night!

During the holiday season when so many people are out in stores and malls shopping for Christmas gifts, thieves are out there lurking and waiting to capitalize on distracted and joyful holiday shoppers. Thieves are watching for the people loading up their cars full of Christmas gifts and leaving them unattended, or to drive by homes where it seems no one is home but holiday packages are on the porch. Thousands of innocent people are robbed this way every day during the holidays because law enforcement struggles to gather concrete evidence against these Grinches. But those thieves looking for easy targets might be in for some trouble thanks to GPS tracking devices.

GPS Tracking For Porch Pirates

How the GPS tracking plan to catch criminals would work would be very similar to the process used to catch car thieves. Law enforcement would place a vehicle filled with holiday gifts in an area considered “high-risk”. Inside the boxes would be GPS tracking systems transmitting position in real-time. If a criminal walked by and decided to steal the holiday gifts from the automobile law enforcement agencies would be able to monitor them step-by-step with GPS tracking as they tried to make their escape. The criminal would have no chance of out-running the law enforcement agents as the holiday gifts equipped with GPS trackers would be giving police the thieve’s location. Police could utilize this same strategy to target porch pirates as well by leaving boxes equipped with a wireless GPS tracker at a home. When the porch pirates take the box police can then easily track the thieves down and make an arrest!

Does the general public think that using GPS tracking technology to capture thieves is a good idea?

Does the plan to catch holiday criminals using GPS tracking technology sound like a great way for law enforcement to catch thieves and promote public safety?

How do you feel about police GPS trackers being used to catch criminals?