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How Do You Stop Package Thieves?

How Do You Stop Package Thieves – Protect Yourself From Porch Pirates

Are you tired of porch pirates stealing your holiday gifts or Amazon packages? The truth is thieves are always on the lookout for easy targets, leaving many people feeling frustrated. And rightfully so! Having items stolen from your porch or front door is Fortunately, there may be a solution to this ongoing problem: GPS tracking devices. This article explores the benefits of using real-time GPS tracking to catch holiday thieves, the effectiveness of law enforcement sting operations, and helpful tips on how you can stop package thieves. So how do you stop package thieves? Let’s find out!

GPS Tracking Packages – How Police Sting Operations Result In Arrests

Did you know that mini GPS trackers are a valuable tool for law enforcement when it comes to catching package thieves? Let us explain how. When police hide a tracking device in a bait package, authorities can track its location and monitor its movement in real time. This allowslaw enforcement to pinpoint the exact location of the stolen goods and track the thief’s movements leading up to the theft!

In fact, GPS trackers are often used in sting operations to catch package thieves in the act. This is often the case during the holiday season when package theft incidents skyrocket. Let us explain how these sting operations work. First, authorities set up a fake package with a GPS tracker and wait for the thief to take the bait. Once the package has been taken, law enforcement can track the thief’s movements and make an arrest. This method has proven successful in catching thieves who might otherwise go undetected.

Although GPS tracking devices are a great way to catch package thieves, there are several other preventative measures police suggest you take to protect your packages from theft. These include using yard signs to deter thieves, requiring a signature on delivery, and picking up your package at an alternate location. By being proactive about preventing package theft, you can avoid the frustration of stolen goods. Now, let’s talk about the 10 best ways you can prevent porch piracy in more detail

10 Tips To Prevent Package Theft And Porch Piracy

  1. Install security cameras or a video doorbell to monitor your front porch and deter package thieves. Video footage can help identify the thief and prevent future thefts. (Source: Consumer Reports)
  2. Consider a home security system to protect your property and packages delivered to your home. Look for systems with mobile app access for real-time alerts and remote monitoring.
  3. Require a signature on delivery for high-value packages to ensure they’re not left unattended on your porch. (Source: Bob Villa)
  4. Use an alternate delivery location like an Amazon locker or UPS store if you’re not able to be home for package delivery.
  5. Opt for delivery alerts and instructions to keep track of your packages and provide delivery instructions to the driver.
  6. Utilize trusted neighbors to accept deliveries on your behalf and keep them safe until you’re able to pick them up.
  7. Consider adding a delivery box or parcel locker to your front porch to secure your packages from theft.
  8. Keep your front porch well-lit and visible to avoid package thefts under the cover of darkness.
  9. Use smart locks to secure your front door and allow delivery drivers to enter your home for secure package delivery.
  10. Finally, protect yourself with homeowners insurance that covers stolen packages. Review your insurance quotes and policies to ensure you have adequate protection.

GPS Tracking For Porch Pirates

How the GPS tracking plan to catch criminals would work would be very similar to the process used to catch car thieves. Law enforcement would place a vehicle filled with holiday gifts in an area considered “high-risk”. Inside the boxes would be GPS tracking systems transmitting position in real-time. If a criminal walked by and decided to steal the holiday gifts from the automobile law enforcement agencies would be able to monitor them step-by-step with GPS tracking as they tried to make their escape. The criminal would have no chance of out-running the law enforcement agents as the holiday gifts equipped with GPS trackers would be giving police the thief’s location.Police could utilize this same strategy to target porch pirates as well by leaving boxes equipped with a wireless GPS tracker at a home. When the porch pirates take the box police can then easily track the thieves down and make an arrest!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Prevent Package Theft During The Holiday Season?

In addition to using security cameras and requiring a signature on delivery, consider placing a hold on your packages if you know you won’t be home to receive them. You can also have packages delivered to a trusted neighbor or shipped to a local store for pickup. It’s important to be proactive and take steps to protect your packages from being stolen.

Are There Any New Technologies That Can Help Prevent Package Theft?

Yes, some companies have developed smart delivery boxes that are equipped with two-way audio and cameras to deter thieves. Additionally, some delivery companies offer services like Amazon Key, which allows delivery drivers to enter your home for secure package delivery. These technologies offer an added layer of security for your packages.

Can I Require A Signature On Delivery For All My Packages?

Yes! While most shipping companies offer this option, it may come with an additional fee or only be available for high-value packages. Check with your shipping company for their policies and pricing. You can also request a signature requirement when placing your order through some online retailers.

What Should I Do If My Package Is Stolen?

Start by contacting the shipping company to report the theft and file a police report. Consider installing a doorbell camera or security system to prevent future thefts. You can also reach out to your homeowner’s insurance company to see if stolen packages are covered under your policy. Being vigilant and taking steps to prevent package theft is key to protecting your packages.

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