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How Do You Tell If There Is A Tracker On Your Car

Are There GPS Tracking Devices On Cars?

If a person recently purchased a new vehicle, operates a company automobile, or is cheating on their partner, there could be an increased chance that a micro GPS tracking device is hidden on the car. GPS tracking systems are ubiquitous in today’s society as more and more parents use the technology to track teen driving, companies apply fleet management strategies, and police agencies conduct surveillance. Are there tracking devices on cars? Absolutely. And the number of hidden GPS trackers in use continues to rise as accountability and security become an emphasis in the business and consumer worlds.

Where To Hide A GPS Tracker On A Car (Best Places)

GPS tracking devices can either be installed to an automobile or connected via a magnetic mount to a vehicle. Therefore, trying to determine where to a hide a GPS tracker on a car really depends on how much access an individual has to a target vehicle. The top 5 most popular places where to hide a GPS tracker on a car are as follows:

  • On-Board Diagnostic Port (OBDII)
  • Underneath The Car
  • Hard-Wired To 12-Volt System Automobile 
  • Inside Vehicle’s Dashboard
  • Under A Seat

Where To Hide A GPS Tracker

Where Is A GPS Tracking Device Installed On A Car

If a vehicle GPS tracker was installed on a car there really are only a handful of places the tracking device could be. Unlike portable mini GPS trackers, a hard-wired GPS car tracking device must pull power from the 12-volt system or OBDII port of the target vehicle. That means the tracker is either professionally installed to the 12-volt system and mounted behind the dash, under the steering wheel, or some location behind the glove box (may vary on the make & model of vehicle), or the GPS tracker is connected to the on board diagnostic port of the automobile. OBDII ports are almost always located near the emergency break area.

How To Block Vehicle GPS Tracking

A person might suspect there is a hidden GPS tracker on their vehicle, but after scanning the interior and exterior of the automobile find nothing. This is when the individual might want to research how to block vehicle GPS tracking signals just in case. GPS jamming equipment can be purchased to block vehicle GPS tracking signals, but these devices are illegal in almost all locations. This is for safety reasons given that so many airplanes and other transport businesses utilize GPS signals and jamming equipment blocks without discretion. Therefore, the next best thing would be to purchase a GPS bug detector that can identify real time GPS tracking signals and alert the person where that live tracking device is located on a vehicle.

How To Detect A GPS Tracker On Your Car

Have you ever felt suspicious that an employer or significant other from the past may be monitoring your vehicle? Tracking every location you go, how long you were there, and everywhere in between? Well, you are not alone in this type of thinking. In fact, every single day businesses, parents of teen drivers, and even those creepy ex-lovers use tracker devices for spying purposes. In many cases, the application of GPS is a positive one utilized to elevate personal safety or raise the efficiency of workplace vehicles. However, nobody but the person placing the GPS monitoring device on the target automobile knows the real reason for car tracking. That means a person could be tracking your car for malicious reasons, and it is why people who believe a GPS tracking system is on their vehicle need to know how to find the tracker.

I Found A GPS Tracker In My Car – What Now!?

So you found a GPS tracker on the car and don’t know what to do next. Finding a GPS tracking device can be a scary feeling, especially if the person was completely unaware that their vehicle was being monitored. However, some simple steps can be done to help enhance personal safety if this happens. Anyone who finds a GPS vehicle tracker on their car should first remove the device from the automobile. Many GPS tracking systems do not have on/off switches so the best course of action is to simply remove the device from the car and then immediately contact the proper law enforcement authorities. Police use GPS tracking devices frequently so they can help figure out where the device was purchased and maybe who the person was who purchased the car tracker.

What Is A GPS Tracker Used For

GPS trackers are small technologically advanced pieces of hardware that with the help of satellites and cellular towers can pinpoint where a vehicle is located 24/7. These GPS monitoring systems can record the position of a vehicle as fast as every second, gathering information about driver speed, time en route, locations stopped, and even the exact address a person was at in the past or is at in real-time. GPS tracking devices can be smaller than a deck of playing cards, and many tracker systems even have surface magnets that give users the option to place the GPS unit on the outside of the target car.

Where Is A GPS Tracking Device Installed On A Vehicle?

When looking for a GPS tracker hidden on a car  you should first look at the most common locations a person would hide such a device. These locations include the inside of the glove box, under front/passenger side seats, in between seats and any other easily accessible compartments depending on the make and model of the vehicle. Typically, GPS devices can’t be overly covert when hidden inside the cab of an automobile because metal could interfere with the acquisition of GPS signals. This is why GPS tracking systems placed in the trunk or areas inside the cab of the vehicle where significant metal is located will result in highly inaccurate data. The reason? GPS signals cannot penetrate metal.

People who suspect they are being tracked certainly need to perform a clean sweep inside of their vehicle to search for any tracker systems, but probably the most commonplace people will hide a GPS right underneath the automobile they want to monitor. As mentioned earlier, many GPS trackers have surface magnetic mounts that allow anyone to quickly walk up to your vehicle and attach a tracker within seconds! A person can walk near the automobile they want to track, bend down as if they were going to tie their shoes, and then place the tracker underneath the automobile, attaching the tracker via a magnetic bond. Once the tracker is on the vehicle, the person who attached it could then see everywhere that vehicle travels from a remote location.

People who believe they are being monitored by GPS should thoroughly search their vehicle inside and out for any tracker systems. However, contacting local authorities is also a strong recommendation, as police can provide more details and insight regarding local laws, penalties for tracking and more.


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