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How Do You Tell If There Is A Tracker On Your Car

How Do You Tell If There Is A Tracker On Your Car – The Ultimate Guide!

If a person recently purchased a new vehicle, operates a company automobile, or is cheating on their partner, there could be an increased chance that a micro GPS tracking device is hidden on the car. GPS tracking systems are ubiquitous in today’s society as more and more parents use the technology to track teen driving, companies apply fleet management strategies, and police agencies conduct surveillance. Are there tracking devices on cars? Absolutely. And in this article, we will answer the question, how do you tell if there is a tracker on your car? Let’s get at it so you can sleep better at night!

Where To Hide A GPS Tracker On A Car (Best Places)

GPS vehicles tracking devices can either be installed to an automobile or connected via a magnetic mount to a car. Therefore, trying to determine where to a hide a GPS tracker on a car really depends on how much access you have to the vehicle. According to GPS tracking Review, here are the 8 most popular places to hide a GPS tracker on a car:

  1. Inside The Glove Compartment: Place the GPS tracker inside the glove compartment for easy concealment and protection from the elements.
  2. Under The Car Seat:
  3. OBDii Port: Connect the live GPS tracker to your vehicle’s OBD2 port for direct connection to your vehicle’s power supply.
  4. Inside The Dashboard: Hard-wire a vehicle tracker to the 12-volt system so your GPS device is undetectable.
  5. Behind The Bumper: Attach the GPS tracker discreetly behind the car’s bumper, ensuring it is well-secured and not easily visible.
  6. Inside The Door Panels: Disassemble the door panels and hide the GPS tracker inside, making it challenging for anyone to locate.
  7. Underneath The Car: Secure the vehicle GPS tracker underneath the car chassis using a magnetic mount, ensuring it remains hidden from view.
  8. Inside The Spare Tire Well: Place the GPS car tracker within the spare tire well, providing a concealed location that is not readily noticeable.

Where To Hide A GPS Tracker

How To Block Vehicle GPS Tracking

A person might suspect there is a hidden GPS trackeron their vehicle, but after scanning the interior and exterior of the automobile find nothing. This is when the individual might want to research how to block vehicle GPS trackingsignals just in case. GPS jamming equipment can be purchased to block vehicle GPS tracking signals, but these devices are illegal in almost all locations. This is for safety reasons given that so many airplanes and other transport businesses utilize GPS signals and jamming equipment blocks without discretion. Therefore, the next best thing would be to purchase a GPS bug detector that can identify real time GPS tracking signals and alert the person where that live tracking device is located on a vehicle.

  1. Invest in a GPS signal jammer: Consider purchasing a GPS signal jammer to disrupt the GPS signal and prevent tracking.
  2. Conduct regular physical inspections: Routinely inspect your vehicle for suspicious objects, especially in hidden areas.
  3. Park in secure locations: Park in monitored areas like garages or lots equipped with surveillance cameras.
  4. Be vigilant for suspicious activity: Stay aware of your surroundings and report any tampering or suspicious behavior.
  5. Keep your vehicle well-maintained: Regularly inspect for signs of tampering and maintain strong security measures.
  6. Consult with a professional: Seek assistance from a specialist if you suspect a GPS tracking device.

How To Perform A Clean Sweep of Your Vehicle For A GPS Tracker

Feeling uneasy? Constantly looking over your shoulder? Suspecting someone is monitoring you? You’re not alone. Many individuals worry about being tracked through GPS devices. If you’ve experienced the unsettling presence of a persistent ex-partner or stalker, there are steps you can take to regain your peace of mind. Specifically, performing a thorough sweep of your vehicle to detect any potential hidden GPS tracking devices. By following these simple guidelines, you can take control and protect your privacy.

Start With A Visual Inspection:

  • Carefully examine the interior and exterior of your vehicle.
  • Look for any unfamiliar or suspicious objects that seem out of place.

Check Common Hiding Spots:

  • Inspect the glove box, center console, and under the seats.
  • Pay attention to areas where a small device could be easily concealed.

Examine Interior Compartments:

  • Open all compartments, including the storage pockets and door panels.
  • Look for any irregularities, loose panels, or wires that seem unusual.

Inspect the Exterior:

  • Check underneath the vehicle, including the wheel wells and bumpers.
  • Look for any unusual attachments, magnets, or wires.

Use a Signal Detector:

  • Consider investing in a handheld radio frequency (RF) detector.
  • Activate the detector and slowly scan the interior and exterior of your vehicle.
  • The detector will alert you if it detects any active GPS tracking signals.

Regularly Repeat the Sweep:

  • Perform periodic checks to ensure your vehicle remains free of trackers.
  • Stay vigilant and familiarize yourself with your vehicle’s normal appearance.

I Found A GPS Tracker In My Car – What Now!?

So you’ve stumbled upon a GPS vehicle tracker on your car, leaving you unsure of your next steps. Take a deep breath and remain calm. The first crucial action is to remove the device from your vehicle promptly. Once done, it’s essential to reach out to the authorities without delay. They possess the expertise to investigate the situation further, including tracing the origin of the tracker and identifying its potential owner. By taking swift and decisive action, you can regain control and ensure your safety.

Final Words & Resources

If you’re feeling concerned about the possibility of being stalked or monitored through a GPS tracker on your car, it’s important to take action. Trust your instincts and don’t ignore the signs. Follow the steps provided in this article to perform a thorough sweep of your vehicle, remove any suspicious devices, and seek assistance from law enforcement if necessary. Your safety and peace of mind are paramount. Remember, you have the right to protect your privacy and well-being. Stay vigilant, stay empowered, and take control of your situation. You deserve to live free from fear and intrusion.

National Domestic Violence Hotline: This helpline provides support, information, and resources for individuals experiencing stalking and other forms of domestic violence. You can reach them at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) or visit their website at

Stalking Resource Center: This resource center, operated by the National Center for Victims of Crime, offers information, tips, and resources for victims of stalking. Their website,, provides valuable resources and guidance on safety planning, legal options, and support services.

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