How To Activate SilverCloud


Setting Up Real-Time GPS Systems

sync_04Businesses and consumers that seek the most precise vehicle management solutions often find themselves investing in the fleet tracking solutions of the Sync GPS or SilverCloud GPS. Once the hardware has been shipped from the GPS company and arrives in the hands of the buyer, the next step is activating the real-time tracker device.

In every real-time product box rests documentation on how to activate the real-time car tracking system. How activation is complete is a simple process that only requires the user to follow three easy steps:

  1. Create username & password
  2. Select GPS tracking data plan
  3. Enter billing information for monthly service obligations

This simple activation documentation can be completed by hand and faxed in, or filled out within seconds online at the service provider’s corporate website. Those choosing to fax or submit documentation through the online portal are best served completing this information in the morning if they want to have service activated on the same day. Activation forms submitted later in the day are often held in wait until the next business day.

Service provider, LandAirSea, states that they require at least one business day to complete activation, but typically the process is completed within the same day if the documentation is sent early enough in the day, Monday through Friday. Activation paperwork filed on the weekend is not evaluated until the next business day.

Additional GPS Activation Questions

Many consumers and businesses investing in real-time tracker devices have questions surrounding features,  service activation and more. Since every question is important to the vehicle tracking specialists at Tracking System Direct, representatives with a vast knowledge surrounding all systems are available every day of the week to provide assistance to anyone with questions. Therefore, assistance is always only a phone call or email away for those who have either unique or common questions with tracker device operation, applications, warranty, activation and more.


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