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How To Track a Runner During a Cancer Race?

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Dustin Hucks, an avid runner, and blogger decided that he was going to use what he knew how to do best to help raise money for cancer research after he discovered that his Aunt Debbie was diagnosed with lymphoma, a serious form of cancer. Wanting to bring awareness to the lymphoma his aunt was battling as well as raise money for the fight against the potentially deadly disease, Dustin grabbed his computer and running shoes and began to think. What he decided to do was run from southern California to his home in west Texas and use GPS tracking system technology to record the events, hoping to shine some light on the horrible disease.

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After watching television shows where GPS tracking systems were used to track criminals or outdoor adventurers, Dustin began to see that GPS tracking could be a good way to bring attention to his cause. Once Dustin planned out his route he decided that he would use his computer and blog about his journey, writing detailed and personal notes about his daily thoughts, and bring a live GPS tracker with him so family members, friends, and others could watch as he ran halfway across the country.

GPS tracking systems can record position up to every second and record very detailed tracking information such as location, time, date, speed, etc.

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Dustin’s journey involved him running over 1200 miles through mountainous terrain, desert regions, and the Great Plains. He raised a significant capital that was donated to charity on his journey but stated that any money or awareness he could raise toward cancer treatment would be a blessing.

Pancreatic Cancer and Soda Drinks

Study Shows Increased Soft Drink Intake Results In Increased Risk

Americans are living longer now than ever before, but unfortunately, there are many more environmental and lifestyle choices that can reduce that life expectancy. One of those lifestyle choices that can lead to an increased risk of cancer, specifically cancer of the pancreas, is the daily consumption of a minimum of 2 soft drinks daily. According to a research study publication GPS tracking distributor Tracking System Direct uncovered through global news agency Reuters, it appears the culprit for the increased health risk is a form of sugar many soda companies use in their soft drinks.

The study, which was conducted in Singapore among 60,000 volunteers, showed that those who chose soft drinks over fruit juice had 87% more likely/increased chance of pancreatic cancer. The doctors and scientists involved with the research study hypothesize that the sugar in the soft drinks acts as fuel and/or a potential catalyst for tumors.

Scientists working in the area of pancreatic cancer research believe that the abnormally high levels of sugar in many sodas results in the body’s increased production of insulin, something many in the scientific community believes results in increased pancreatic cancer cell growth in the body.

Tracking System Direct and all participating GPS tracking affiliates would like for all people to be cautious of their intake of soft drinks, exercise regularly and eat a healthy and balanced diet. Nothing in life is more important than good health.

If you have your health you have everything.