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How To Track A Truck With Cell Phone

Can You Track A Truck With Phone?

Tow truck businesses, construction operations, and numerous companies with service vehicles are always investigating the best solutions to assist with enhancing business efficiency. This is the reason why so many companies are opting to invest in real-time GPS trackers to help with vehicle management of trucks and other mobile assets. What the majority of these types of businesses are seeking is a vehicle monitoring solution that will allow them to track a truck or vehicle with the use of a cell phone. Essentially, live GPS tracking data can be acquired and viewed whenever there is a need. Businesses are now finding this mobile tracking solution with GPS monitoring devices that provide live locational-based data and they are getting this valuable fleet and vehicle management service for less than a dollar a day!

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Monitoring Trucks With A Mobile App

GPS tracking technology has continued to evolve to the point where data is more accurate, online mapping interfaces are more user-friendly to businesses and reporting features are detailed enough to meet the needs of any company concerned with fleet management activity. This is because GPS tracking companies are now keenly aware that businesses in need of vehicle management tools require the 5 following things:

  1. GPS Trackers That Can Be Portable Or Direct Connected
  2. Various Online Reports Documenting Mileage, Speeding & Address Data
  3. Mobile Access To GPS Tracking Data
  4. Access To Historical Locational Data & Live Vehicle Activity
  5. Customer Service Support 24/7 & Lifetime Access To Historical Driving Activity

“What we discovered from working with a significant number of companies all across the globe is that GPS vehicle tracker data must be accessible, easily digestible and very, very reliable”, expressed an auto tracking specialist for Tracking System Direct. “These businesses with cars and trucks also demand that this information can be retrieved with the use of a mobile communication device because in today’s world people no longer work specifically in an office setting.”

Wireless GPS TrackerUsing A Cellular Phone To Track My Truck

Once a live GPS unit is either attached to a truck via onboard diagnostics port, placed inside the truck in a covert location, or hard-wired to the truck, that GPS monitoring data is then transmitted with the assistance of cellular technology to off-site servers. These servers take the GPS data, superimpose it over online mapping programs and format the data in a way that can help a fleet manager determine where drivers are located, how long they were stopped at each location, mileage driven and so much more. However, what makes truck tracking solutions so valuable from a business perspective is that this highly accurate and meticulous driving data can all be accessed and viewed right from any smartphone that is connected to the Internet! Once a GPS has been activated, the user then creates a unique username and password that allows them secure access to their personal GPS vehicle tracking data. That means wherever the user is as long as they have their security credentials memorized they can view where their trucks or other mobile assets are located using a cell phone, tablet, or traditional desktop computer. Accessing GPS tracking data really has never been easier or more user-friendly thanks in large part to the cellular technology world continuing to expand. What is even better is that this truck tracking data can be acquired for an investment of less than a dollar a day ($29.95 per month) while providing unlimited updates every 60 seconds!

There are a number of different truck tracking solutions on the market so consumers should really take a little time to research the various truck monitoring systems available by checking out GPS reviews. Although many systems appear similar in features, there are a large number of devices on the market that update slowly, provide less than accurate locational data or simply struggle to provide data that offer any significant value.

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