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How To Track Your Teenager Without Them Knowing

how to track your teenager without them knowing

How Do I Monitor My Kid’s Driving?

The majority of teenagers who get their licenses usually start off their driving careers very cautiously, checking their rearview mirror every few seconds, making complete stops at stop signs and never exceeding the speed limit. However, as teens begin to drive with friends they quickly begin blasting music every time they drive, check their rearview mirror less frequently and begin performing a technique known as the “California Roll” through stop signs. Shortly afterward, they begin speeding, and then oftentimes begin speeding excessively, habitually and too frequently. Unfortunately, many teens are programmed with a sense of invincibility, but excessive speeding is something that can quickly remind parents and teens that driving, and more specifically irresponsible driving, can have fatal consequences. With speeding being the leading culprit of teen accidents and teen motor vehicle accidents being the primary cause of premature death among the teen population, many proactive parents are seeing the light. What they are doing is making the decision to utilize technology to promote, monitor, and regulate safe driving activity in hopes of preventing an accident. The form of monitoring technology parents are turning to is called a real time GPS tracker, and the benefits of teen driving devices could really help shape positive driving among teenagers.

Real-time GPS tracking systems have a number of advantageous features that include the ability to instantly view where a teen is driving, gain access to places the teen has been, and most importantly the ability to alert parents if/when a teen is excessively speeding. Teen safety is always a high priority for concerned parents, and one of the most crucial things a parent should monitor is the dangerous behavior of habitual speeding. One product that has recently become popular among parents is a device called SilverCloud GPS which will alert parents the moment a teen begins driving over a predetermined safe driving speed. The alert, which is sent from the GPS car tracker to a parent’s email address or cell phone via text message, is sent the second a teen begins driving too fast, allowing parents to quickly intervene before something dangerous potentially happens.

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The SilverCloud GPS tracker can be hard-wired for permanent installation to a teen’s vehicle or used as a portable device, making it one of the most flexible vehicle tracking systems in terms of power options. Another positive of using car tracking technology for applications such as teen driving safety is that many insurance companies will extend special discounted rates for families who use real-time devices because the units can also be used as an auto-theft recovery solution if the vehicle were ever stolen.

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Free App To Track Teen Driving Without Them Knowing

The consumer market for GPS monitoring has changed dramatically over the past decade as more and more everyday folks have invested in GPS car tracking units for various applications from the monitoring of teen driving activity to auto-theft prevention. Although GPS trackers with no monthly fee solutions continue to be popular by parents of teen drivers, there has been a significant shift in the use of live GPS tracking solutions. The reason why real-time tracking units have increased in demand is because of a combination of factors, including a decrease in hardware/service costs, an increase in user-friendliness, and an overall boost in system reliability and efficiency. Most people are keenly aware of what live tracking technology can provide and the benefits associated with it, but it is important to understand that live tracking technology is constantly changing; constantly improving. Parents will be happy to know that teenage driving safety devices such as the SilverCloud GPS have never been easier to use!

The Silver Cloud tracking system innovative design and user-friendly software allow parents to instantly know what a teen is doing. So far parents who have ever asked:

  1. How can I tell how fast my child is driving?
  2. How can I track my child’s car?
  3. How can I track my teenager’s car without her knowing?

The answer comes in the form of hidden GPS tracking devices such as the SilverCloud along with other wireless vehicle tracking systems.

What makes real-time tracking devices such as SilverCloud GPS unique is that they can be used by police agencies, outdoor enthusiasts (hikers, mountain bikers, campers) or parents of newly licensed teen drivers (GPS teen trackers). Therefore, once positive safe driving behaviors have been monitored and reinforced by parents the security products can be used for a variety of other applications. The best part? Is that the trackers come with a free app to track teen driving that can be installed on any Android or iPhone device!