Husband Has Penis Cut off


Woman Cuts Off Husband’s Penis

Privates Shredded In Garbage Disposal

There are few things in life that are as painful as losing the one you love, but then again there are some things that are a million times worse. Unfortunately, a man in the process of getting divorced from his wife discovered that the hard way.

After having what he thought would be a civil dinner with his estranged wife, the 60-year old husband of Catherine Kieu found himself dozing off at the dinner table. Being tired after dinner is nothing uncommon, but Kieu’s husband was tired because his soon-to-be ex-wife drugged his dinner with sleeping medication. When Kieu’s husband came to consciousness he was horrified to find that he was tied to a bed with nylon ropes with Kieu standing over him holding a kitchen knife. What happened next was cruelty at the worst level.\

Clearly upset with her ex-lover, Kieu pulled the man’s pants down and proceeded to cut off his penis with a kitchen knife. Adding insult to injury, after Kieu cut off his penis she then tossed the member into a garbage disposal, turning it on and shredding the penis to pieces.

Kieu then contacted local law enforcement authorities where she explained what had happened, and how “the bastard got what he deserved”.

Kieu’s unidentified husband was rushed to the hospital for medical treatment, while Garden Grove Police arrested Kieu on charges of aggravated mayhem and torture.

GPS Tracking Identifies Cheating

Although a GPS tracking system can confirm whether a spouse is cheating through the application of spouse GPS tracking, a personal evaluation is needed to determine whether a person is freaking crazy. Since no statements regarding this incident have been released we can only speculate what was the catalyst to make a woman with no documented history of violence commit such a gruesome act. The primary hypothesis is that the husband may have been caught cheating by his wife, or that another woman was the cause of the divorce process. Another thought is that maybe the husband realized his wife was a nut job and therefore decided to break things off with the woman in order to move on with his life. This hypothesis is not too far fetched considering the woman premeditated a gruesome act of torture and mutilation. Now, the curious public will have to wait until more details are released before the whole story is finally revealed.

If you are a woman, have you ever considered cutting off the private parts of your partner?