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If there is one thing an employee can do that will really piss off a boss it is falling asleep while on the clock. Now clearly there can be an occasional reasonable explanation such as a sick family member or situation of that nature that could give justifiable cause for a short snooze while at work, but typically when an employee catches z’s at work it equals big trouble. Although there may be a variety of reasons why a person may hit the hay while on the job there is no denying that it can impact a companies’ bottom line, productivity, and more. With the information gathered from a recent European survey that stated 1 out of 4 workers have fallen asleep on the job at least once, and another 40% saying they have had difficulties staying awake while on the job, many employers are turning to GPS tracking to help create accountability after the time card has been punched

Although stress, boredom, adventurous/hectic lifestyles, anxiety, and work-related stress can all be serious situations that act as the catalyst for sleeping on the job behaviors most companies only care about the result of those behaviors, which is lack of productivity. With lack of productivity comes to a lack of profit and that can be a highly influential factor on whether or not people keep or lose their jobs. With sleeping on the job becoming such a serious concern, especially for companies who have employees that work outside of the office, many businesses are taking a technological approach to monitor staff with GPS tracking technology.

Are My Employees Sleeping At Work?

By placing a tracking system on the vehicle of an employee who works outside of the office an employer will know every place that employee traveled and whether or not suspicious parking stops were made. A GPS tracking system will let the employer know if an employee decided to make a stop at home, or at a random parking lot to catch a catnap.

When a GPS tracking device is connected to the vehicle of an employee the boss will always be riding shotgun, having the ability to access GPS tracking data whenever they suspect an employee is taking some snooze time.

People experiencing consistent tiredness while on the job should consult a doctor in case a more serious problem may exist.

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How Do You Deal With An Employee Sleeping At Work?

If you are an employer or manager who has caught an employee sleeping on duty you might wonder what the best course of action might be to addressing the situation. The first step you will want to do is go over any employee handbooks, which typically address every work situation from an employee with an unprofessional appearance to one taking a nap on the job. If there are no established protocols in place for dealing with an employee who fell asleep while on the clock then here is where you should start:

First-time offense: Give the employee a verbal warning 

Maybe your employee has sleep apnea, maybe they lost an hour of sleep from a time change, or maybe they have some personal/family issues. Either way, if this is a first-time offense, then it is best to manage with compassion.

Second offense: Give the employee a written warning

A large percent of respondents who have worked for the same company for 5+ years have stated they have fell asleep on the job. It happens, but if it is a pattern of behavior then it is important to formally document the incident with a written warning.

Third offense: Consider stronger disciplinary action

If a good employee gets a little shuteye on accident or for personal reasons it can be overlooked, but a clear and consistent pattern of power napping is simply unacceptable. This is where you might consider researching employment laws in your area if you want to terminate the employee.