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Improving GPS Accuracy In City Environments

New Technology Improves GPS Accuracy In Cities

Environmental factors such as urban canyons can impact the accuracy of any GPS-enabled device. This is the reason that navigation devices and tracker devices can sometimes offer up inaccurate locational information or provide “spotty” signal reception in many large cities. What ends up happening is that the GPS monitoring device loses communication with orbiting satellites because signals can get lost bouncing and reflecting off tall buildings resulting in a significant loss inaccuracy of data. However, all of that might change if, according to a Ubergizmo article, Spanish scientists have indeed developed a strategy to increase GPS accuracy.

What a team of scientists based in Spain claim is that they have created a method to improve “the determination of a vehicle’s position”. By doing so they have data showing increased GPS accuracy by in many cases upwards of 90%. This is accomplished by taking two existing components of GPS data processing and adding another such as a motion detection feature. By adding this supplemental sensor data it becomes easier to check live GPS tracking or navigation data, keeping the integrity of the GPS signal intact.

Another great feature of this two-part method of GPS data analysis is that if a motorist drove into a tunnel the data connection could stay intact even if the GPS signal is lost. This is because the tracker device would instead call upon motion detection data instead of GPS data to determine the position of the automobile.

Many of the components necessary to make a navigation or tracker device more accurate were already present in most older versions of GPS units. However, technology has evolved and continues to evolve to the point where most GPS-enabled programs are being used on mobile communication devices. This is why engineers are hopeful they can develop a similar device that works with smartphones. Of course, the smartphone would have to be equipped with some form of motion detection hardware. With 90% of the population now using smartphones, the technology could eventually lead to self-driving motor vehicles that can accurately navigate motorists in the most efficient avenue possible.

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