Improving Productivity With Stress Management


Managing And Reducing Work-Related Stress

Happy Employees Make Good Employees

StressWe here at Tracking System Direct believe the most productive employees are those who are motivated and happy, and that is why we place a great deal of emphasis on stress management at the workplace. Businesses all across the globe are always seeking out ways to improve employee performance, which can have a direct impact on the success or failure of a company. Some businesses offer bonuses or other perks, while others simply closely monitor staff performance with overlaps, trainings or fleet management tools. Whatever method a business chooses the goal is still the same:

Create happy and motivated staff, then watch them and your business reach their potential.

Our expertise may be strongly based in the field of vehicle tracking, but we would still like to share a few tips on reducing stress at work that we believe can help result in a more focused and motivated business staff.

1. Breathing

How simple is this stress management technique? As simple as it sounds many people never take the time to concentrate and focus on breathing. Breathing exercises are an easy way to calm the body, reducing tension while increasing energy.

2. Make A List

Creating organization is one way to reduce stress felt at the workplace. By breaking down your day or week before it gets started can provide a person with a real sense of focus. As the person begins checking off the tasks on their list they will be left with a feeling of accomplishment and a finish line.

3. Create A Good & Organized Work Area

Little adjustments such as changing the temperature in the room, the chair you sit on, lighting conditions or noise levels can have a dramatic impact on the overall comfort felt at work. People should take time ensuring their surroundings are pleasant whether it is by the use of a back pillow, chair cushion, portable fan or something else. Also, taking 5 minutes a day cleaning up and organizing your surroundings can go a long way.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Stress can have a significant impact on the overall health of an individual, therefore, people really need to take the issue very seriously. More information on how to reduce work-related stress, and other stress in general, can be found HERE.

Although our expertise may be with GPS data loggers like the GPS Tracking Key and Flashback GPS, or live tracking systems like the SilverCloud tracking system, we believe that everyone should focus on good mental health, especially business owners looking to maximize employee potential, productivity and profit.

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