iPhone May Be Coming To Verizon


New Version Of iPhone May Join CDMA Network

Verizon Customers Rejoice On Thought

Apple_iPhoneThere is no doubt that the Apple iPhone is one of the coolest mobile communication devices currently on the market, and the 83% increase in global sales of the device provides the evidence. How popular is the iPhone? Well, with over 25 million units sold last year alone, and smart phones sales across the board only increasing roughly 20% versus Apple’s 83%, it appears there will be no stop in demand for the mobile communication device anytime soon.

The Apple iPhone has not only been the leader in smart phone sales over the past couple years, but the device has single-handedly made the AT&T wireless network relevant in the cellular market again. According to documentation accessed by a GPS tracking system editor, AT&T signed up over 3 million new iPhone accounts in the last 3 months of 2009, making it the flagship phone for the GSM based cellular provider.

iPhones are sold exclusively for the AT&T network at this point in time, and many analysts believe AT&T pays nearly $600 per iPhone from Apple.

Currently, the SilverCloud tracking system uses the AT&T wireless network and GSM technology in the data transmission process of vehicle tracking data.

There have been rumors swirling through technology forums for some time that Apple would eventually release a CDMA version of the iPhone, but nothing has yet to transpire. Representatives for Apple have declined to comment on whether or not the rumors of a CDMA model are on the horizon, but Apple does plan on releasing a new version of the iPhone later this year.

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Source: WSJ