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Is It Illegal To Remove GPS Tracking Device On Car?

Can I Legally Remove a GPS Tracker I Find On My Car?

Finding a GPS tracker on your car can be an uncomfortable experience. Any reasonable person would feel a sense of privacy invasion if they stumbled across a real time GPS tracker on their personal vehicle. But before you take action in your own hands and remove the tracking device on the car it is important to figure out why that piece of technology is there. The reason is that in some cases you should remove the tracker and other times it could be illegal to remove a GPS tracking device in a car.

GPS Tracking Devices For Cars

GPS tracking devices are satellite-powered pieces of technology that can accurately record where a car is at, where it has been, and how long it was parked at a particular location. The technology is commonly used in applications related to fleet management but in recent years has been utilized in more other applications. Some of these applications include scenarios where a person might secretly attach a GPS tracker on a car. Examples of this would be when a person suspects their spouse is having an affair, or when a used car dealership equips a tracker on a car in case they need to repossess it for delinquent payment.

For more information on how to tell if there is a tracker on your car please read this article here.

Is It Illegal To Remove GPS Tracker From a Financed Car?

If you are leasing or making payments to a car dealership for your automobile there is a strong likelihood the vehicle is equipped with a real time GPS tracking system. Although finding the tracking device might make the hair on your back stand up a little the reality is the dealership has the lawful right to track a vehicle they technically own, which is most likely also being used as collateral if you were to fail to make a payment. But is it illegal to remove a GPS tracker from a financed car? The answer is yes. When a financed car is also set as collateral for the auto loan you as the buyer or leaser agree to allow a GPS tracker to be equipped to that vehicle. The tracker is not used to spy on the car-owner, but rather an insurance policy in case the buyer fails to make the scheduled payments. If that happens, the car dealership can activate the tracker and quickly repo that car without the hassle. This is known as secure collateral damage against an auto loan.

How Do You Bypass A GPS Tracking Device?

If a device from your car appears to be a car GPS you might want to take action to bypass the vehicle tracking system. However, it is important to note that if your company owns the vehicle and the office suspected you might not be doing the work you were paid to do they might legally be able able to keep a GPS device on your car. The best option is to invest in a bug sweeper, locate the fleet tracking device, and remove it from the car. However, if you are concerned your cars’ movement is being unlawfully monitored then remove the device from your car and contact a sheriffs’ offices for further assistance.

hidden gps tracking deviceI Think I Am Being Tracked

If you believe your vehicle is being tracked in an unlawful fashion than you certainly have the right to be alarmed. In many instances, employers unlawfully track employees, and people in relationships use GPS vehicle trackers for stalking. Although these situations are outside the norm they do happen. Therefore, if you believe you are being tracked the first thing you want to do is scan your vehicle to try and locate a wireless GPS tracking system. Some of the most common locations people hide a tracker on a vehicle include:

  • The inside of the glovebox
  • Covertly attached to the bottom of an automobile 
  • Hard-wired to the vehicle under the dashboard
  • Connected to the onboard diagnostic port 

For more information on where is the best place to put a GPS tracking device please check out this article!

The truth is GPS tracking systems are now used frequently for a variety of applications, sometimes for good reasons and sometimes for bad ones. If you suspect your car is being tracked and you are in harm’s way please seek immediate help by contacting your local law enforcement agency. Explain to them your situation and have them scan your vehicle for a tracker. If you are simply wanting to remove a GPS tracking system from your car to avoid the repo man then it is important to know you very well would be breaking the law.

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