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Is Tracking Someone With A GPS Illegal

GPS Tracking Laws

One of the most frequent questions our GPS tracking system experts get asked is whether tracking someone with a GPS is illegal. Unfortunately, the answer to this question is very ambiguous and can have many different shades of gray. This is why we recommend people contact an attorney before using GPS trackers if they are concerned they might be doing something unlawful with a GPS tracker. With that disclaimer out of the way let’s take a look at some of the information and historical precedents when it comes to putting a GPS tracker on someones car is illegal.

Spy Equipment To Catch A Cheating Spouse

People who suspect their husband or wife might be having an affair often call upon the use of GPS vehicle tracking devices to determine where their partner is going to validate their whereabouts. Is it illegal to track your spouse in this type of situation? It is completely legal to put a GPS tracking device in a car a person owns so if a husband owns a vehicle and his wife drives that automobile it would be perfectly legal to put a real time GPS tracker in that car. The same thing would apply for the reverse situation where a wife suspects her husband of an affair. If you own the car you can place a GPS tracking device in it!

But what if a couple is not married and one of the people in the relationship suspect infidelity? Then is it illegal to put a tracking device on someone’s car?

GPS Tracker On Outside Of Car

Again, this is another area where things can get a little cloudy but historically speaking vehicles on the road are typically not protected by privacy laws in the same way cameras are allowed to monitor a person’s automobile in public. This means a person could place a live GPS tracker on the outside of an individual’s vehicle without breaking the law. Some stipulations would apply though. The first would be the GPS tracker could not be placed anywhere inside the cab of the vehicle. That portion of the vehicle is considered private in the same way a person is not legally allowed to enter another person’s home without permission. This really is not a problem most circumstances because people who wonder where to hide a GPS tracker on a car will discover there are many hidden GPS trackers for cars that have exterior magnetic mounts that make it easy to attach the tracking device onto a vehicle. Placing a GPS tracker on the outside of a vehicle is the safest way to track someone’s car legally.

Hidden GPS Tracker On Car

How To Track My Husband Car Without Him Knowing?

Placing an under car tracking device on the outside a a vehicle is the best way to track potential cheating spouse in a way that is not illegal. However, where a person places the car tracking device also is important because an individual is still not allowed to enter private property to put a GPS data logger on the outside of car. That means a person can’t go on to someone’s driveway or in their garage to place a GPS tracking system under the car. The best place to put a GPS tracker on a car is under the vehicle (legally speaking), but the individual should make sure that the target car is on public property when they attach the GPS to the outside of that vehicle.

Best GPS Tracker For Cheating Spouse

Inexpensive Tracking Devices For Vehicles

Many people might ask “How much are tracking devices for cars?”, and the answer depends on the type of tracking device they are looking at investing in. The best GPS tracker for catching a cheating spouse would be a live GPS tracker that has both a waterproof housing and exterior magnetic mount. This would allow a user to quickly attach the GPS to an automobile, not have to worry about breaking laws, have the tracker safeguarded from the elements, and of course be provided with real time GPS tracking updates on vehicle location. These types of GPS tracking devices are inexpensive ($79.00 and $24.95 a month) and super accurate, making them the best hidden GPS trackers for cars.

Is It Against The Law To Put A Tracking Device On Someone’s Car?

It is strongly recommended that anyone who believes they might be illegally using a GPS tracking device consult an attorney in the area where they intend on using the vehicle surveillance technology. Also, investigating city, state, and federal laws would also be a wise move considering laws regarding technology products change consistently.

Disclaimer: This disclaimer is to inform readers that the potential applications and uses of GPS vehicle tracking devices, and not advice by Tracking System Direct as an organization, committee or other group or individual. Always consult a local attorney, and research applicable laws in areas where GPS trackers will be used before using the surveillance equipment.GPS tracking devices should be used at your own risk.