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Is Sexting Cheating

Sending Sexual Text Messages

Texting Inappropriate Messages: Is It The Same As Cheating?

Although the concept of cheating seems like it would be very cut and dry to define, the advancement of technology has added a new dynamic into the equation. Most people agree with absolute certainty that sexual intercourse with another person is the clear definition of cheating, while others state kissing and fondling another also falls into the category of infidelity. Some experts suggest it is not really cheating unless there is an emotional attachment to the act of desire, but others state that simple physical activity is more than enough. The definition of cheating really is ambiguous, as each person has their own definition of what constitutes the act, but without physical contact is cheating really cheating? When a little flirtation results in sexual text messages or Facebook messages being sent, is that now also considered cheating?

The news has been debating the topic of whether texting is cheating heavily over the past few weeks in light of the Anthony Weiner saga that resulted in the politician stepping down from public office. Making the assumption that the reader already has a little understanding of the events that occurred in the Weiner scandal, for the most part, we can all agree that sending sexually explicit text messages is not appropriate behavior in any way shape, or form, especially if the text messages are being sent to somebody who is not your significant other. That is essentially what Weiner did, but he was very quick to note that he never had any physical sexual affairs with the women he sent sexual text messages to or anyone else. He stated that he never “cheated” on his wife.

The Weiner scandal was sensationalism at its finest, as the water-cooler talk soon became people discussing whether or not what Weiner did falls under the “cheating” category. The public had not seen anything like this since Bill Clinton was questioned by a Grand Jury, arguing back and forth what the definition of sex really was.

Cheating: Defined By The Person By Cheating On

Today, when a significant other or spouse suspects infidelity in their relationship, technological tools are often utilized to provide a sense of surveillance and truth. It is now common for people to use GPS tracking systems to identify everywhere a suspected cheater has gone (spouse tracking), or other security products such as keystroke logger devices to uncover what a person is doing online. Once the victim acquires data that suggests their lover is either in a full-blown physical affair with another person or only sending provocative text messages, the burden then falls on the victim to make the assessment and definition of what is cheating. The victim then must execute a very difficult decision whether they want to try and work on the relationship or move forward with their life.

What Is Your Definition Of Cheating?

Making the assumption that we all agree that actual sexual intercourse fits the description of cheating, do you also think that kissing another person would also be classified as cheating?

The actions of Weiner were inappropriate, but did they merit him losing his position in public office?

Is sending a provocative or sexual text message considered cheating?

Source: ABC News

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