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Is There An App To Find My Car?

Top 7 Apps to Find Your Parked Car

Have you ever wandered aimlessly around a crowded car parking lot, desperately trying to recall where you parked your car? We’ve all been there! Honestly, it can be a frustrating experience that we’ve all undoubtedly been through. Fortunately, there are apps for everything, including finding your lost car. While platforms like Google Maps and Apple Maps now have the added feature of helping you remember where you parked, third-party apps offer a more specialized and custom approach. In this article, we will provide 7 awesome solutions for anyone who has ever asked, “Is There An App To Find My Car?“. Let’s dive into it!

Disclaimer: We want to assure you that Tracking System Direct has not received any compensation for featuring these products in this article. These apps are presented solely for your information, without any ranking, to help you make informed choices based on Google Play Store reviews. Your trust and confidence in our recommendations are paramount. Since we are not affiliated with these apps or the companies behind them, you can trust that our information is unbiased. Now, let’s get back to the list of reliable car-finding iOS and Android apps you should consider for a stress-free parking experience!

Is There An App To Find My Car

1. Find My Car

According to tech reviews, one of the most popular apps to find your vehicle is Find My Car. What makes this app unique is it records location using GPS every time you park your car, allowing you to navigate back to your vehicle with a single tap. Super easy, right? This car location app also provides walking directions from your present location to your car’s location. Also, Find My Car comes in handy when shopping or exploring a new city and wants to avoid wandering around the parking lot searching for your vehicle.

Key Features of this App:

  • Records your car’s location using GPS
  • Provides walking directions to your car’s location
  • 500K+ downloads on Google Play Store

Read a detailed review of this app by CLICKING HERE!

Here is what one online review a the Apple app store said about this car locator app, “It works, but.. Only 3 stars instead of 5 because of the horrible adds with buttons that say “START” intended to fool you into thinking it is part of the app. Please offer an in app purchase to turn off the ads.” 

However, for the sake of transparency, below is the overall rating and a few more reviews of Find My Car via the App Store.

Find My Car App Review

2. Anchor Pointer

Anchor Pointer is an app that uses augmented reality to help users locate their parked cars. Basically, you set an anchor point at the location of your vehicle and then use your phone’s GPS to remember the anchor point’s location. The app is reliable because of its use of GPS technology and only costs $3.99. As long as you have a clear sky view, your phone can communicate with GPS satellites to accurately determine your location and store that spot. This makes Anchor Pointer an awesome tool for hiking or finding your lost car!

Key Features:

  • GPS technology for reliable accuracy
  • Set an anchor point at the car’s location
  • Navigate the car even without an internet connection

But what do real users have to say about this car locator app? Here is what one of the featured reviews on the Apple app store said about Anchor Pointer, “This app is simple and useful. Save a point then get an arrow and distance to that point. Perfect for hiking, biking, boating. The only thing I would like to see is an update to the watch app so it functions like the iPhone version. A simple pointer and distance on the watch would be helpful when finding a car or for retiring to a point when hosing a jet ski. It’s easy to get lost on one of those! Unfortunately the watch app just gives walking / driving directions same as Apple Maps. Essentially it works the same as using a pin in Apple Maps. Being able to have a pointer and distance would make the watch app so much more useful.”

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Anchor Pointer Compass GPS

3. AR Car Locator

When you use AR Car Locator, finding your parked car becomes a breeze with its augmented reality feature. Simply run the app in the background and reactivate it when you’re ready to park. Point your phone ahead to engage Augmented Reality View or down for a Google Maps overlay with your location and car’s position. Snap a photo and save your car’s spot with the parking button. To locate your car, just follow the arrow’s direction. You’ll see your parking time in the notification bar for easy tracking.

The app also alerts you every 30 minutes, keeping you mindful of parking duration. Plus, you can view the photo of your parked car anytime by tapping the icon on the map. However, the constant reminders may become distracting. Also, running in the background could drain your phone’s battery faster. Overall, AR Car Locator offers a convenient and tech-savvy solution for tracking your car, with a few minor drawbacks.

Key Features:

  • Uses Augmented Reality (AR) to locate your car visually
  • 3D arrow points toward your car’s location
  • 10K+ downloads on Google Play Store

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4. Parkify

If you often forget where you parked your car, Parkify might be the perfect app for you. Why? This app uses Bluetooth technology to help you keep track of your vehicle’s location – the same used by Apple AirTags. You only need to download and pair the app with your car’s Bluetooth system. Once paired, the app will automatically log the GPS coordinates of your car’s location every time you turn off the ignition. However, what makes Parkify stand out from other car locator apps is its ability to track the location of multiple cars. Yes, you can add up to five vehicles to the app and easily switch between them.

Key Features:

  • Automatically detect any parking events
  • GPS coordinates of your car’s location
  • 100K+ downloads on Google Play Store

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One of the most impressive things about Parkify is that it has over 100k downloads on the Google Play Store, making it one of the most used car locator app solutions on the market today.


5. Parked Car Locator

For Android device users, Parked Car Locator is a popular app that helps locate a parked vehicle. This app uses GPS technology to pinpoint the parked car’s location and then guides you to it. The app’s interface is simple; you don’t need to pair it with your car’s Bluetooth system. All you need to do is launch the app before leaving your car. Parked Car Locator will automatically log the parked car’s location and save it for future reference.

Key Features:

  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • Uses GPS technology for accurate location tracking
  • 100K+ downloads on Google Play Store

Read a detailed review of this app by CLICKING HERE!

This car locator app has a 4.3 out of 5 star overall rating on the Google Play Store, and over 100k user downloads. Therefore, Parked Car Locator is easily one of the most popular apps deigned to help you find your lost car. Although the app has a 4.3 rating, here is the most recent online review of the app via the Google Play Store posted on 10/6/23, –

“Meh. I deleted this app pretty quickly because it doesn’t have any of the basic features I was expecting. My wife and I share two cars. But this app doesn’t allow us to keep track of two cars at once, or to create a shared account we can both see. It also doesn’t save the location automatically. So what’s the point? These were basic features on the Parkify app, which unfortunately is no longer compatible with the latest versions of Android.”

Parked Car Locator

6. Parking Pin

Parking Pin takes the guesswork out of finding your parked car. Forget about manually marking your spot. This app automatically remembers where you’ve parked, even if you don’t. Here’s how: Parking Pin utilizes your iPhone’s Motion Coprocessors along with Location Services discreetly in the background. Your parking location is saved without effort, as you go about your day.

Struggle with remembering your meter time? Parking Pin has a built-in meter reminder. It calculates and reminds you when it’s time to refill. The app provides a compass, walking directions, and a full-screen map to guide you back to your car. You’ll see the street name, parking duration, and the distance in feet or meters.

However, continuous GPS use in the background could affect your battery life. And while it’s great outdoors, accuracy might dip in indoor garages or areas with poor coverage. Ensure Location Services are on, and if you have an older iPhone, you’ll need to drop a Pin manually. But with a sleek, minimalist design, Parking Pin turns locating your car into a simple task.

Key Features:

  • Mark your location on the Google map
  • Simple interface, anyone can use it

Read a detailed review of this app by CLICKING HERE!

Here is what the most recent user experience review was on this car locator app via Google Play Store,

“Best parking app with beautiful interface. I’ve tried a lot of parking apps but I’ve settled on this for its highly functional and beautiful interface that makes using it a joy. Top notch customer support too. Courteous and prompt reply that answered my question. Also well received my suggestion to support setting to use Google maps instead of Apple maps.”

Parking Pin App

7. Honk

Honk is another popular app that helps users locate their parked cars. Unlike Anchor Pointer, Honk uses Bluetooth technology to “connect” the user’s car to their phone. When the user parks and turns off their car, Honk will remember the last known location of the Bluetooth connection.

Key Features:

  • Locates parked car using Bluetooth technology
  • Remembers last known location of Bluetooth connection

Read a detailed review of this app by CLICKING HERE!

Man Lost In Parking Lot Looking For Car

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Google Maps Locate My Car?

Yes, Google Maps can help you locate your car. By saving your parking location on the app, you can easily navigate back to your vehicle. To do this, simply open Google Maps, tap the blue dot representing your current location, and select “Save your parking.” This will mark your car’s position and allow you to find it with ease when you’re ready to leave. Additionally, you can add notes, photos, or set a timer for parking meters to further assist in locating your car. Remember, though, that you must set your parking location manually each time you park for this feature to work.

Can My Phone Track Where My Car Is?

Yes, your phone can track the location of your car. Both Google Maps and Apple Maps allow you to mark the location of your car, so you can easily find it later. In addition, several third-party apps can help you track your car down even if you didn’t mark its location. Also, if your car is equipped with a GPS vehicle tracking device, you can use that to access the real time location of your car!

These apps use GPS technology to locate your car and provide you with detailed directions to help you get there quickly. Some apps even have extra features, like locking or unlocking your car remotely.

How Can I Find My Stolen Car Without A GPS Tracker?

First, you should report the theft to your local police department immediately. Provide them with as much information as possible about the vehicle and its last known whereabouts. They will be able to start investigating right away and will also be able to add your car to a national database of stolen vehicles.

You can also search the VIN number online to check if your car has been serviced since the theft. This can help you track down the thief or give you leads about where the car might be.

Also, spreading the word among your local community and on social media is a good idea. The more people who are on the lookout for your stolen car, the better your chances of finding it.

Can I Track My Car With HondaLink?

Yes, you can track your car with HondaLink. In fact, HondaLink is an innovative app that was designed specifically to help you stay connected to your Honda vehicle! The app allows you to locate your parked car through its GPS feature, making it easier to find your car in unfamiliar places.

You can track your car’s location using your smartphone or tablet and even view driving history, speed alerts, and other essential vehicle details from the app. This app is really helpful to locate your car while you are using any towing service.

To use HondaLink, you must have a compatible vehicle, smartphone, or tablet with an internet connection. You’ll also need to download the app and create an account. Once you’ve done that, you can start tracking your car’s location, receiving alerts, and accessing other features from your phone.

Conclusion – Quickly Locate Your Lost Car with Smartphone Apps

Losing track of your car is a challenge many face. Fortunately, technology offers a solution. These apps are more than just digital tools; they’re peace of mind in your pocket. Gone are the days of panic and wasted time. Instead, let these apps guide you back to your vehicle swiftly and efficiently. Don’t let another day pass with the uncertainty of a misplaced car. Download an app today, and always know where your car awaits you. Embrace the convenience, and let technology lead the way

Whether it’s a specialized app like Find My Car, Find My Car Smarter, or the more general Parked Car Locator or Parkify, all these car apps deliver quick and efficient results. These iPhone and Android apps are convenient and help reduce stress and anxiety associated with losing your car.

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