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John Edwards Cheats Again

GPS Tracker Could Have Exposed Edwards Sooner

Politician Has Another Public Indiscretion

Sadly, it has been reported that John Edwards has been caught cheating on his cancer stricken wife again. After it was first reported that Edwards had an affair on his terminally ill wife the public reacted extremely negative toward Edwards, ending his political career as well as reputation as a good and honest man. However, the latest allegations that the ex-senator was involved in sex and alcohol filled benders was enough to break the camel’s back as his wife Elizabeth Edwards has finally field for divorce from her cheating hubby. Clearly, this man was no stranger to infidelity, which makes people wonder why was Elizabeth unable to catch her cheating husband’s indiscretions early on? Thankfully, there is a technological solution for women who suspect their husband is cheating and it comes via GPS vehicle tracking.

Women suspecting infidelity have been going James Bond, monitoring their spouses with tracking system technology to uncover if their husband’s are really working late or if the are secretly rendezvousing with someone else. With the application of relationship tracking being so easy and cost-effective now women everywhere are placing compact GPS tracking systems on the vehicles their men drive to ensure honesty.

Obviously, a woman more than likely wouldn’t place a GPS auto tracking unit on her husband’s car if red flags were not present before hand, but with a GPS tracking system recording information such as the exact address and time a person stopped, women have never had an easier time uncovering the truth and confirming suspicions. All a woman has to do is place a GPS tracker such as the SilverCloud system on her husband’s car and then watch the GPS tracking data as it transmits in real-time tracking or view historical driving information. If only Elizabeth Edwards had a friend tell her about the benefits of GPS tracking technology she may have filed for divorce years ago.

Unfortunately, all of the many good things that John Edwards has done for the United States, such as his leadership on helping those who are poverty stricken, will likely be forgotten and people will remember him solely as a man who could not keep his penis in his pants.

Source: People