Jordan Vs. Kobe

Dissecting The Best

Kobe Bryant Or Michael Jordan?

Widely recognized as one the greatest players to ever play the game, if not the greatest, Michael Jordan has long been the image of a champion. Leaving North Carolina early to play for the Chicago Bulls, Jordan came out of college and immediately began making an impact in the NBA, scoring with tenacity and consistency. However, it wasn’t until 7 years into his professional career that he became known as champion, and a champion he was.

Jordan won three straight NBA titles with the Bulls before taking a stint on retirement. After his departure from the NBA, the Bulls were unable to regain the same championship level of play. Thankfully for basketball fans in the windy city, Jordan decided to come back out of retirement and play three more seasons with Bulls, winning another three straight championships and bringing Chicago it’s 6th NBA championship in 8 years. If Jordan would have not retired it is very likely the Bulls would have won 8 straight titles. That is how good Jordan was.

Today, the widely recognized top player in the NBA is the man they call the black mamba, Kobe Bryant. Bryant was a basketball star who was widely recruited by NBA teams at a very young age, and who came straight out of Lower Merion High School to the pros. Marketed as the next coming of Jordan, Bryant was a scoring machine who was often times seen trying to play 1 on 4 basketball. However, with age came maturity and the coming of one of the games most dominant big men in Shaquille O’Neal. With Shaq anchoring the inside, Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers were able to reel off three straight NBA championships. Unfortunately, tensions between the two superstars eventually lead to Shaq’s departure and the winning chemistry that brought the Lakers to the top.

After a few years of struggle, Kobe found himself the veteran leader of a young and hungry team that had the talent to contend, and with the acquisition of Spaniard Pau Gasol, the Lakers had themselves a new big man. With the revamped lineup Kobe was able to do what he had sought out to do for so long, win another championship. Not only did Kobe win one championship, but with the Lakers game 7 victory over the Boston Celtics last night he had won back-to-back championships, bringing his total to 5 championships.

Clearly, both Jordan and Kobe have to be mentioned as two of the greatest basketball players to ever play the game, but GPS tracking system provider Tracking System Direct wants to know who you think is the greater basketball player?

If you had to choose one player to start for your basketball team would you choose MJ or the black mamba?

If your team was down one point with 3.4 seconds to go would you rather have Jordan or Bryant take the last shot?

If Kobe wins another championship would you consider him greater than 23?