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When you look at Cory Joyce your first impression may be that he in most respects looks like an ordinary 19-year old kid. However, do not let his baby-face appearance, and the fact his favorite food is chicken nuggets deceive you. This is because ever since Joyce was a young boy he has always been racing, whether it was Tonka trucks on the kitchen floor or go-karts as a pre-teen. With the passion for racing embedded into his DNA, Joyce has pursued his love, as it literally has been the driving force to make him work every day to become the best racer he can possibly be. Today, he is one of the most talented and promising young drivers on the NASCAR circuit, creating a buzz throughout competitive racing circles for his toughness and skills in operating a race car. Although the competition and skill level of other drivers will only become stronger and more challenging as Cory and the Joyce Racing Team work their way to the top, the team is putting in heavy hours of practice while also calling upon technological resources such as GPS tracking systems to aid in the preparation process.

Looking to learn a little more about Cory, the Cory Joyce racing team and the unique application of real-time tracking, one of our fleet management experts got in touch with Cory to ask him a few questions. Kirby Johnson, the Public Relations Manager for Joyce Racing, was kind enough to set up an online interview with Cory where we discussed the young driver’s goals moving forward, and of course how a personal GPS tracking system is being used to help the team reach the next level of competitive racing.

Joyce Racing Interview

1. What hurdles do you and the Cory Joyce Racing team face with you being so young?

There really aren’t too many hurdles regarding my age because the racing industry is very welcoming to the younger age groups. There are a lot of other drivers in my age bracket that are working their way up the ladder just like me, and it’s almost an advantage sometimes because I’m always willing to learn from the veterans because I’m not as set in my ways on certain things the way some seasoned drivers are.

2. Do you think age has a factor in racing, or do the crew and the car make the largest difference?

Age sometimes is a factor for the sheer fact that the younger drivers may have not experienced some of the situations they have to face on the track. For the most part, though, a lot has to do with the equipment and car that the crew prepares for the driver and the changes that the crew makes during the race itself. Communication between the team and the driver is very important, and there has to be certain chemistry in that relationship for it all to work. If the crew chief doesn’t know what the driver means when he is describing his racecar, he can’t make the car any better and in turn, the driver can’t improve his position on the racetrack. Obviously, the driver has to have talent, but he also has to have a fast racecar underneath him to win races.

3. Why did you choose to utilize real-time GPS tracking?

It allows the team to follow me while I’m in the car on the racetrack and we can download reports with information on how fast I was going, among other data important to our team.

4. Are you already seeing any benefits from the live monitoring SilverCloud system?

Yes- It really helps us with our data, and our fan base has grown since the start of it. I really think people enjoy the technology and they like being able to follow me while I’m on the track.

5. What are your expectations and goals in racing this year?

Our goals are to run as many late model stock races as we can at some of our local tracks so I can get as much seat time as possible. It’s important for me to get more time behind the wheel so I can have more experience and be prepared in all types of racing situations. After late models, we would like to be able to move up to the NASCAR K&N Pro Series, which would be the next stepping stone in my career.

6. Will GPS be utilized moving forward into the future?


7. Are there any sponsors you would like to give a shout-out to?

We would like to thank our friends, family, and supporters that are members of the Cory Joyce Racing fan club, as they are always there to support me and my racing career. We’d also like to thank the Humane Society of the U.S.. I’m a huge supporter of the Humane Society and I love animals, so racing is a great way for us to connect. We would also like to mention that we are always looking for new sponsorship partners and would be thrilled to add more supporters to my racing career.

All of the vehicle tracking experts at Tracking System Direct (TSD) would like to thank Public Relations Manager Kirby Johnson, Cory Joyce, and the entire Joyce Racing Team for their assistance in helping us with this story. The future is very bright for young Cory and his racing team, and that is why everyone at TSD expects to hear very big things from them in the not too distant future!

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