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Judd Sister Uses GPS Tracker

Celebrity Tracked With GPS System

real-timeGPStrackerA couple weeks back the editors at Tracking System Direct blogged a story about how a GPS tracking device was found on a automobile belonging to the Judd family. Of course, initial speculation led many to believe that the live GPS tracker was likely placed on the vehicle owned by one of the celebrity women but today a new twist has been revealed. That twist was brought to the eye when police received a complaint from Ashley Judd stating that her sister Wynona was the individual who placed the tracking system on the car.


In a report filed by Ashley to officers in Tennessee the actress claims her half sister put a GPS tracking system on Ashley’s vehicle to monitor everywhere she was going. However, the police documentation is very hush hush about what reasons Wynona would have for trying to monitor Ashley’s vehicle using GPS tracking.

A mechanic discovered the GPS tracker on the vehicle owned by Ashley when a person connected with the family brought the automobile in and asked the mechanics to scan the vehicle for any possible GPS monitoring systems. It did not take the car specialists long before they confirmed suspicions and found the car tracking device.

When asked about the news story, police responded that the use of GPS tracking systems violated Tennessee Code 39-13-606, which protects privacy of people from electronic monitoring devices such as GPS vehicle tracking systems. That means Wynona could be charged with engaging in a criminal act for putting a GPS device on Ashley’s vehicle since the GPS system was placed without consent. The penalty for placing a GPS device on a vehicle without owner consent can result on a hefty fine as well as time in jail. Not to mention, additional charges could be filed for invasion of privacy.

Will Ashley pursue criminal charges against her sister or do you think the charges will be dropped in an attempt to avoid unwanted publicity?

GPS tracking and surveillance laws are different in each state. Therefore, those with questions about what is legal when it comes to GPS vehicle monitoring should consult with a attorney or police department in their area.


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