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Keylogger For Parents

How Can I Monitor My Child’s Internet Activity?

Every parent has wondered at one time or another what their teenage son or daughter was doing, but acquiring that information is getting more and more difficult for concerned parents. The reason is because teens have a strong tendency to be closed off and short with parents. Not to mention, many teens prefer not spending time at the house, instead opting to socialize with friends, and when they do hang out at the house they are probably in their room with the doors closed and locked. In their room, teens are usually bouncing back and fourth between episodes of Jersey Shore and Facebook posts, or posting status updates about Jersey Shore. In between the endless mind-numbing MTV programming, teens also may be sending/receiving provocative messages on social networking sites, making plans to attend parties where alcohol or drug use could be taking place and more. However, concerned parents are fighting back into their teens’ lives through the use of technology that includes GPS tracking systems and keystroke loggers.


How Do I Keep My Teenager Safe On The Internet?

Teen safety is a topic that concerns every parent, but monitoring where a teen is driving will only tell a parent so much. This is why it is also essential that parents investigate the thing that almost all teens are obsessed with, surfing the web and social networking. One thing that is a common trait among all teenagers is the need to know what is “going on”. Teens will spend endless hours horsing around online chatting, sending messages or combing through Facebook posts in an effort to know where the party is at. They will even discuss detailed information regarding their personal and friends’ relationship statuses, information that can be vital to parents trying to learn if their teen son or daughter is sexually active. Having an in-depth understanding what a teen is doing is important for any any concerned parent, and the best way to do so is by monitoring what that teen is doing online via spy software or keystroke logger.

What computer surveillance spy software and keystroke recording devices so special is that do more than simply document every website a teen has visited. The parental tools also provide parents with every message a teen sent or received on any social networking site, dialogue exchanged via instant message or in chat rooms and some computer monitoring equipment will actually capture screenshots of the information.

Ever Wonder What Your Teen Is Doing On Facebook?

Even if you have the absolute best most well-behaved, academically successful, down to Earth teenager the world has ever seen before, when as a parent you see them spend hours upon hours on social networking sites at some point you ask yourself what it is they are doing. Are they chatting with friends? Looking at the status posts by friends? Reviewing pictures of parties and friends? Or could they be planning events where drug use and alcohol will be common staples? What exactly are they doing!?

The mind can wander and wander back and fourth from reality to paranoia in  seconds, but the whole situation does not have to be that difficult because of the growing popularity of computer surveillance. If your teen appears some what depressed, distant or even if you feel they might not be telling you the complete truth about where exactly it is they are going on Friday or Saturday night, keystroke logger technology can provide answers, and most importantly, the truth.


Are Teenagers On Facebook?

Facebook has revolutionized the way people communicate with one another, and with the advancement of smart-phones and increase in people using social networking apps on their cell phones, the trend will only continue. Therefore, parents need to be aware of the importance of monitoring online activity and the various safety tips of overseeing teen online behaviors. Teens now spend most more time communicating with their peers via cellular text message and/or via social networking channels. However, that does not mean parents are lost in the dark because there are tools available that allow Mom and Dad to discover every email that a teen received/sent as well as anything a teen did on a social networking site.

Finding out what a teen is doing online is not a complicated procedure in any shape or form, in fact the process is now so easy that parents can uncover the unknown online activity without a teen every finding out thanks in part to keystroke loggers. By simply connecting a keystroke logging device to the home computer, the PC monitoring system will then document every single web page visited, message sent/received and more. The computer surveillance technology allows parents to know every single thing there teen is up to without the teen ever knowing! The technology allows parents to discover if their teen is being truthful, if they are dating, sexually active, doing drugs and more.

Spy software is another form of computer monitoring technology that parents can utilize to access the same type of data without investing in hardware.

Online Predators On Facebook

Missing Girl: Jessie Bender

Every parent’s worst nightmare is that their child goes missing, and sadly that is exactly what one family in Hesperia had to deal with. Police in Hesperia were looking for a 13-year-old girl named Jessie Bender after her mother reported her missing to authorities. The girl, who is still in middle school, had not been seen in over a week, leaving her family scared, worried and frightened that they may never see here again. Making the situation worse, is that the parents believe that the girl ran off with a person who claimed to be a 17-year-old boy from Chicago, but likely was an online predator. The family was left combing through the Facebook messages and posts that were once so guarded and private in hope that they would provide some sort of lead that could result in the girl’s safe return. Thankfully, authorities found Jessie Bender and she was unharmed.


With so many predators now surfing the web, parents need to take every precaution to safeguard their children by observing what teens are doing at all times. However, knowing what a teen or child is doing online is often a challenging task for many parents, but that is why surveillance tools such as keystroke logger systems are available and popular.

Keystroke loggers and spy software offer parents the ability to record every single thing a child or teen does on the Internet, providing families a way of knowing if that child or teen is networking with a possible online predator. Screen shots of web pages visited, email exchanges, Facebook posts and chat room activity is all documented with these online surveillance tools, offering parents an additional way of observing the activity of their children.

Some parents are even taking monitoring technology to the next level by using GPS tracking technology to record everywhere a teen goes, and how fast they are driving. The vehicle tracking technology, some of which is designed specifically for teen tracking, combined with online monitoring tools, gives parents a digital eye to observing what a teen is really doing.

Safety Devices For Teenage Drivers

GPS tracking systems have received the most media attention for their role in helping parents understand where a teen is driving, and whether or not they are obeying the laws of the road. By bestowing knowledge about where a teen is driving, how fast they are driving and more, teen GPS trackers will allow any parent to find out if their son or daughter is frequenting places that are “off-limits”, and if they are traveling to those locations in a speed that is both safe and acceptable according to speed limit laws in their local area. From a safety perspective, vehicle tracking technology can help parents learn if their teen drivers are being responsible while operating a motor vehicle, and from the parental perspective, teen tracking units will inform parents if a teen is going to tavern, party or significant other’s home.

Since teenage drivers are still categorized and classified as high-risk motorists, many car insurance companies will extend policy discounts when parents install real-time tracking units to a teen’s vehicle to monitor driving. The live tracking systems also can act as a theft recovery solution if the automobile is ever stolen.


Regardless of what a parent’s personal views are toward online privacy and monitoring, there is no arguing the cold hard truth that car accidents are the number one cause of premature death among teens. No teen should ever have their life cut short from an automobile accident, and that is why teen GPS tracking systems such as the GPS Tracking Key provide parents a way to access teenager driving activity.

GPS tracking systems will not only tell parents every location that a teen has been, but most importantly the technology will offer parents solid and truthful data about how fast a teen is driving, information that can be critical to diagnosing whether a teen is responsible enough to drive. Another benefit to teen GPS trackers is that they allow parents to easily locate a teenager if they have a flat tire or some other mechanical emergency.

Safety. It Is All About Safety

At the end of the day it is all about safety. Knowing what a teen is doing online, who they are hanging out with, where they are going and how fast they are driving is all information that parents should and need to know. With so many teenagers thinking and believing that they know it all, parents need to take the necessary steps to keep their teens safe from the dangers that the teens themselves cannot see.

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