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TypingBusinesses all across the United States are taking proactive measures to ensure that employees are handling themselves in a safe and ethical fashion. This can be directly attributed to this increase in technology that has extended the ability of managers to oversee employee activity. Today, GPS tracking systems are now common in fleet operations to boost route efficiency, safeguard mobile assets and document employee mileage, but monitoring employees inside the office is just as important as monitoring those working in the field. With the increase in number of cases of illegal downloading of software and online piracy, more and more companies are now realizing that they can be held liable for the activity conducted on an employee’s computer. Looking to make certain illegal activity is not occurring on their staff computers, many businesses are turning to keystroke logger devices to assist in computer surveillance programs.

Software Piracy

For those of you who may not have heard the term software piracy before it basically means that a person/employee is copying/downloading software without authorization. Of course we could go into great deal about the penalties for reproducing, distributing or gaining illegal access to pirated software, but the most important thing for businesses to understand is that they can be held liable if their employees are using this type of software on company work computers.

Although at first glance many people may not think that running illegal software on their computer is that big of a deal, but let me state that the tech giants love their money and have lobbied congress to make the penalties steep for that type of behavior. For example, businesses and people using illegal software can face lengthy prison sentences, fines up to $150,000 per illegally downloaded program and copyright infringement laws that can result in fines over $250,000! The fines are enough to destroy a small business in a flash.

Surveillance For Computers

With so many employees now working with computers to conduct their daily business, many employers and managers never think to monitor the activity occurring on staff computers. However, it is important for companies to know if an employee is spending too much time surfing the web, sharing company secrets with a competitor or downloading illegal software at work to take home. Accessing that data used to be a challenging task, but now keystroke logger devices are providing the solution.

Computer surveillance software and hardware has became increasingly popular among businesses looking to monitor employee activity. Through the use of a sophisticated online monitoring tool such as the keystroke loggers companies can easily oversee email activity, work flow and whether any illegal downloads had taken place. Once a manager has access to that form of data they can then know with certainty if their employees are conducting themselves in a professional and ethical way.

Software piracy is a crime that has very stiff penalties. Small businesses need to make sure they are protecting themselves by monitoring employee activity to ensure employees are not illegally downloading music or programs. It could cost your company big time!

Source: Piracy FAQ


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