Keystroke Logger Busts Online Predator

Computer Surveillance Helps Dad Catch Predator

Keystroke Loggers Reveal Teenage Online Activity

Anyone who thinks it is safe to have their teens send and receive messages to strangers online better think again.

Most people have probably heard about online predators and how they stalk young teens on social networking websites such as Facebook, but many parents have the tendency to believe that their son or daughter would never be foolish enough to fall prey to one of these online stalkers. Unfortunately, parents and teens under estimate the drive of cyber stalkers and online predators, and that is what one father found out first-hand.

When one father became concerned about what his 12-year-old daughter was doing online, he began to use some of the online monitoring tools available (Spy software and keystroke logger devices) to what exactly she was doing. After conducting his own personal home surveillance operation, he discovered that his daughter was using her mother’s account to go on websites that she was “blocked” from. The young girl was then posting pictures of herself on Gothic websites where she apparently caught the fancy of an older man. After chatting online for awhile and exchanging sexually explicit text messages, the 12-year-old made the poor decision to meet with the older man. Thankfully, she was not harmed in this encounter because many girls who meet online predators in person often times vanish, never to be heard from or seen again.

After the father’s research uncovered that his daughter was engaging in very dangerous behaviors, he contacted local law enforcement authorities and set-up a sting to catch the predator when the girl and the online creep set another meeting date. When the young girl and older man met again face-to-face, they were greeted by police officers who quickly arrested the older man.

Surveillance Tools For Monitoring Older Teens

Many parents use other sophisticated monitoring tools to discover what their teens are doing with the use of GPS tracking systems. GPS tracking devices, specifically those designed for teen tracking, have the ability to tell parents ever location a teenager has been, giving parents access to where their teen hangs out and who they hang out with. This information could be critical if a teen ever disappears after making contact with an online predator.

Anyone looking to gather information about how to stop online predators can contact their local police department or contact the F.B.I. For parents interested in learning more about vehicle tracking and GPS tracking systems, please contact Tracking System Direct.

Source: FBI