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Knuckle Duster Stun Gun

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Combination Of Stun Gun & Brass Knuckles

knuckle_duster_3There are a lot of real cool self-defense and surveillance products available on he market, but one device that we simply had to showcase is a sophisticated and powerful taser known as the Knuckle Duster.

When most people think of stun gun technology they probably think about that kid at the University of Florida who was quickly subdued by campus security. After that day, the phrase “Don’t tase me bro!” will now live in infamy. Although the situation that occurred and was caught on video tape at the University of Florida was slightly funny (I take that back, very funny!), the events did raise the public’s awareness and perception of how powerful and effective non-lethal defense tools such as stun guns could be.

Tracking System Direct, a company that has built a reputation on producing the best fleet management and GPS tracking devices the industry has to offer, began searching for cost-effective self-defense gear in an effort to offer customers a wider range of products that could enhance personal safety. After adding nearly 100 various products, ranging from spy cameras to keystroke logger technology, TSD also began featuring a line of stun guns. After nearly a month of featuring the new line of stun gun defense tools, the overwhelming fan favorite has been the Knuckle Duster.

What makes the Knuckle Duster stun gun different and special is that the system design provides the user with not only a self-defense tool capable of sending out a 950,000 charge of voltage, but the grip offers additional safety. Since the Knuckle Duster stun gun was fashioned similar to a set of brass knuckles. a device that wraps around the hand tightly and securely, the user will both a) have a strong and powerful grip, and b) any potential attacker(s) will struggle to disarm any user(s).

What is even more impressive about this device is that the personal protection system costs less than $100, making it affordable enough for anyone to purchase who is working on a budget!