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GPS Tracking Key Vs. GPS Tracking Key Pro

tracking-key-near-quarterOne of the more popular questions customers have when contacting a GPS vehicle tracker expert at Tracking System Direct is,

What is is the difference between your GPS Tracking Key and GPS Tracking Key Pro models?”

At first glance it can seem as though the GPS trackers are nearly identical, however, there are significant design and engineering differences between these two GPS data logger models, making them unique to their target audience.

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The GPS Tracking Key was originally designed by Robert Wagner nearly 6 years ago after Wagner realized there was a great need for portable and covert vehicle tracking devices within the private investigation and law enforcement field.

The GPS Tracking Key Pro was released last year and is widely recognized as the most superior GPS data logger in the world. The tracking system, which was also designed by Robert Wagner, modernized it’s GPS Tracking Key predecessor.

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The first question you need to ask yourself is, “How much GPS tracking data do I need, and how long will I be leaving the GPS tracker in the field?” The GPS Tracking Key can record a little over 30 hours of vehicle-in-motion driving time if the user places a quality lithium battery inside the tracking device. If you use the rule of thumb that the average driver drives approximately 1-2 hours a day that would mean the GPS Tracking Key will record driving activity for 15-30 days roughly.

The GPS Tracking Key Pro can record the driving activities of a person for nearly 100 hours on a set of quality lithium AA batteries, allowing the vehicle tracking system to stay in the field for extended periods of time before needing a battery change.

For businesses, law enforcement agencies and other people with a need to record extensive amounts of GPS tracking data, if they use the GPS Tracking Key they may be spending a lot of money on battery replacement and should definitely consider the GPS Tracking Key Pro as a solution.

What Is Better About The GPS Tracking Key?

We here at Tracking System Direct never view one tracking system as better than another, but rather see each GPS system as simply more suitable for a particular person or application than the other. For example, if you are a parent of a teen driver and are looking for a GPS tracker to record places where your teen has been hanging out and how fast they have been driving then the GPS Tracking Key would be the perfect device.

The GPS Tracking Key is great for consumers only needing to record people for a short duration of time such as for teen tracking or relationship verification applications.

What Is Better About The GPS Tracking Key Pro?

The GPS Tracking Key Pro is by far the most sophisticated and user-friendly passive tracking system ever created. A couple of design changes that make the GPS Tracking Key Pro stand apart from the GPS Tracking Key are:

  1. The GPS Tracking Key Pro is extremely power efficient (100 hours of recording capabilities)
  2. The battery door compartment is much more accessible than that of the original GPS Tracking Key model (one of the main complaints by GPS Tracking Key users was how cumbersome removing and reapplying the screws on the GPS tracker were).
  3. The GPS Tracking Key Pro can be powered by two AA batteries or alternative power source such as hard-wire or cigarette lighter adapter.

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If you still have questions about the GPS Tracking Key or GPS Tracking Key Pro you can contact a Tracking System Direct representative 7 days a week. GPS tracking experts are always available to assist and help you with your vehicle tracking needs!

*People interested in a real-time GPS monitoring solution can check out Tracking System Direct’s SilverCloud tracking system.