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GPS Tracking Key Pro

Data Logger Tops Summer Sales

summerWhen the average person thinks of tracking system technology they think of the James Bond super spy surveillance gear that allows an individual to remotely access a vehicle or personal asset. Although real-time tracking units can prove to be very advantageous by offering a theft recovery solution as well as fleet management solution, passive technology has quickly became popular as a cost-effective way for companies and consumers to a access driving activity.TSD is proud to announce and recognize that the car tracker that has topped sales over the Summer was the most sophisticated passive unit on the market, the GPS Tracking Key Pro.

With real-time units costing on average 40% more than a passive unit, along with carrying monthly monitoring service fees, data logging technology has offered a more simple and affordable solution for those who are in need of monitoring device. Whether the application be employee monitoring, teen tracking or simply a way to document mileage, the GPS Tracking Key Pro allows the user to get second-by-second tracking data that will confirm routes driven, stops made, addresses arrive and more.

“With the current economic conditions forcing many companies to focus on reduction of internal wasteful spending and employee inefficiencies, many businesses are investing in passive technology to boost company strength and performance. The Pro version of the GPS Tracking Key has been a fundamentally important part of many companies’ success, saving the average company approximately $27,452 annually.”, explained President of Operations Ryan Horban.

GPS Tracking Key Series

TSD is proud to carry the GPS Tracking Key series of products, which have become a staple among businesses, law enforcement agencies and consumers. The LandAirSea trackers continue to stand the test of time and offer some of the most sophisticated monitoring the industry has to offer.