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LandAirSea Equipment Now Offered

Government agencies and police are always seeking the most effective and high-performing GPS vehicle tracking equipment the market has to offer. This is because when police or government agencies such as the ATF, Bureau of Land Management or U.S. Coast Guard utilize GPS monitoring devices they are in need of the most accurate data possible. Whether the application is for training purposes or military war games, the data produced from GPS equipment must go above and beyond the normal standards. One company that has been supplying various branches of government agencies and law enforcement departments at the state and local level with high-quality and sophisticated GPS tracking equipment over the past 15 years has been LandAirSea TSD is proud and honored to announce that it is now carrying both GPS data loggers and real-time tracking equipment created and engineered from the Woodstock, Illinois -based GPS manufacturer LandAirSea!

About LandAirSea Systems

Headquartered in the Midwest, LandAirSea designs and manufactures all GPS monitoring equipment from the ground up on American soil by hardworking Americans. In a world where most GPS companies take short cuts, re-branding and packaging poorly engineered devices built overseas, LandAirSea has never deviated from producing quality and cost-effective GPS tracking system equipment right here in the good ole’ USA.

LandAirSea has held a sterling reputation as one of the top manufacturers of GPS location-based equipment for over 15 years and continues to produce some of the most innovative and unique GPS equipment. Since the company was first created, all the way up to this very day, agencies such as the Coast Guard, US Border Patrol, US Forest Service, and numerous other government agencies choose LandAirSea equipment to service their monitoring needs. This is because when it comes to reliability, accuracy, and performance there is no other equipment that compares to LandAirSea equipment.

LandAirSea monitoring devices such as the GPS Tracking Key and Flashback GPS offer both businesses and police the ability to record driving activity every second without monthly service obligations. However, for those looking for a live tracking solution that goes beyond the industry standard, the Victoria tracker combines both the latest in real-time GPS monitoring technology with a user-friendly software application to create one of the best all-around trackers the market has to offer.

Anyone with questions regarding LandAirSea GPS equipment or GPS monitoring devices in general can contact a TSD representative 7 days a week at 951-704-9503.