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Choosing The Right GPS Tracking Device Plan

assisted-gpsAs most consumers and businesses are aware, all real-time GPS tracking systems require a monthly service obligation. The reason for this monthly service cost is that when a GPS receiver gathers location and positional information from the GPS satellites orbiting the Earth it then needs to transmit that data to a server. The server is the avenue that allows for remote access of personal GPS tracker data via computer, tablet or mobile phone. However, in order to transfer GPS vehicle tracking data from receiver to server telecommunications are necessary. Since companies such as T-Mobile and AT&T do not allow people to send data over their cellular towers and telematics networks for free, a monthly service plan is required. With all real-time tracking unit users now understanding of how assisted-GPS works, the only question left is what data plan is the most appropriate for each user.

SilverCloud GPS systems give users five (5) different data plans to select from, providing a working and affordable data solution for anyone. These data plans are all created to offer unlimited update refreshing, and do not require any form of long-term contractual obligations, something many GPS providers make mandatory. “People don’t like contracts that have legal scribble about termination fees and other service obligations”, explained a Tracking System Direct GPS fleet management specialist. “While most companies only offer a GPS that has one data plan and/or a long-term contractual requirement for service, SilverCloud users have the luxury of choosing from a variety of service plans created to meet each individual’s needs.”

LandAirSea SilverCloud GPS Plans

  • 3   Second Refresh
  • 5   Second Refresh
  • 10 Second Refresh
  • 1   Minute Refresh
  • 5   Minute Refresh

The most cost-effective data plan starts at $19.95 per month.

How GPS Data Service Works

When a user orders a SilverCloud GPS from Tracking System Direct  they initially only purchase the hardware of the car tracker. When the GPS unit arrives from Fedex, the purchaser will notice a instruction sheet that explains in detail how to select a data plan and set-up service online. The user only needs a credit card for automatic payment, and the serial number of the GPS unit.

Completing the activation document takes only about a minute. Once the digital document is received, LandAirSea asks for up to 24 hours to process and activate the user’s GPS tracking solution.

What If I Don’t Want A Monthly Service Fee?

Unfortunately, all real-time GPS systems do require a monthly service fee. However, that does not mean other surveillance and GPS monitoring solutions are not available. For example, GPS Tracking Key and Flashback GPS are popular passive recording devices, or car trackers with no monthly fees! The GPS car trackers also log data every second, but since the GPS units do not have the capability to transmit data, the user must remove the GPS unit from the target automobile in order to view driving data.

Regardless of what GPS solution a person selects, there is an affordable and reliable system available.


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