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Federal Law Mandates Release Of 1 Out Of 4 Prisoners

Apparently, the Federal government that spends so much time creating ridiculous laws and penalties for petty crimes has decided the overcrowding of the prison system in California has became too much for the state to support. After the Supreme Court rejected the state’s appeal that begged the Federal government not to open the flood gates in the golden state, it is now all but certain that over 40,000 inmates will be freed from jail.

So what does the state plan on doing about the problem?

Currently, the law enforcement department such as the LAPD is looking at equipping the Federal mandated “parolees” with GPS tracking technology that will allow a unit overseeing the newly freed prisoners monitor the criminal’s every move in real-time. The state is hoping that by placing a tracking system on each parolee they will be able to ensure the individual is staying clear from trouble.

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Although the state feels the GPS tracking solution will help if prisoners begin to be released on the first scheduled release date of January 25th, California still has one last appeal it is hoping will stale everything.

LAPD uses police GPS trackers for surveillance operations and vehicle tracking.

How do you feel about the government mandating a state to release prisoners from jail?

Should the government pay for the monitoring costs of each real-time GPS tracking system since they are forcing the state to act recklessly?

Would you feel safe knowing each parolee was being monitored via GPS tracking?

Source: LA Weekly, Fdungan