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Law enforcement agencies across the world understand the benefits of having state-of-the-art monitoring and surveillance equipment. High-tech surveillance equipment provides not only local and state police with the tools they need to apprehend and monitor criminals, but the same covert monitoring devices are utilized by government agencies such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Homeland Security to monitor suspected terrorists and other threats to national security. The advanced surveillance gear is essential to every law enforcement agencies’ ability to effectively gather evidence and build strong cases against criminals, and no piece of surveillance is more valuable than GPS tracking technology.

A cost-effective and modern approach to surveillance operations, GPS tracking technology allows law enforcement to pinpoint where a criminal is at anytime. GPS trackers also record historical intelligence, cataloging every location the criminal visited, stops made, addresses stopped and more. Usually the standard protocol for GPS tracking surveillance is simple. A law enforcement agent will place a real-time GPS tracker or a passive tracking system (device that acts as a recorder of vehicle travel history) on a suspect’s vehicle, normally attaching the vehicle tracking system to the frame of the car. Agents will then either view the vehicle’s movements in real-time over the Internet, or if they used a passive tracking system, let the GPS tracker record information for anywhere between a few weeks to few months then removing the GPS system manually from the car to access everywhere that potential criminal has been.

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Because many law enforcement groups have been experiencing budget cut-backs due to the current economic crisis, real-time GPS tracking is slowly fading away as solution to the monitoring needs of police. Real-time vehicle tracking systems require a monthly service fee, making them a little costly for some police departments. However, one tracking system has filled the gap and has quickly became the most sought after tracking system among law enforcement agencies, and that tracking system is theFlashback GPS tracker.

Their is no other GPS tracking or vehicle monitoring device better fit for law enforcement surveillance applications than the GPS Tracking Key Pro. “When I designed and engineered the GPS Tracking Key Pro my goal was to create the most dynamic and affordable GPS monitoring system for business and law enforcement applications”, explained Robert Wagner, the creator of the tracking system. What makes theFlashback GPS tracker stand out from the rest of the competition is that the tracking system has the ability to record approximately 100 hours of wheels in motion drive time on a single battery life cycle, making it the longest lasting passive tracking system on the market. Whats even more impressive is that the compact size was not compromised when the battery life was maximized. In fact, theFlashback GPS tracker is smaller than most passive tracking systems on the market!

The Flashback GPS tracker is roughly the size of an egg, has a magnetic mount that allows law enforcement agencies to quickly attach the tracking system to a criminal’s vehicle, is water-resistant to handle elemental conditions, requires no monthly service fees and can record over 50+ hours of wheels-in-motion drive time.

There is no better choice than the Flashback GPS for law enforcement agencies when it comes to police GPS tracking.