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Law Enforcement GPS Trackers

Law Enforcement Agencies Utilize GPS Tracking

Best Law Enforcement GPS Tracker For Surveillance

Police agencies all across the nation find themselves struggling to battle criminal activity while working in an era filled with budget cut-backs, but even though law enforcement and government agencies are no longer receiving the financial support they once did that does not mean they still don’t have the necessary tools to beat the bad guys. This is because police agencies from the local, county and state levels are all getting reinforcement through the assistance of GPS tracking systems, and no police tracker has created more of a buzz among police agencies than the Flashback GPS.

Law Enforcement Tracking Devices Without Subscriptions

There is a wide assortment of GPS tracking systems on the market, but when it comes to high-performance, no tracker is more efficient than the Flashback GPS. What makes the security product a different type of vehicle tracker is the fact that the monitoring device has numerous qualities that other systems do not have. These unique characteristics include:

  1. Powerful Exterior Magnetic Mount: It makes it easy for an officer to attach the tracker to the outside frame of a vehicle.
  2. Long-Lasting Battery Performance: The Flashback GPS records over 50+ hours of vehicle-in-motion driving time, allowing officers to leave the GPS tracking unit on a suspects’ vehicle for an extended period of time to record without interruption.
  3. Consistent Tracking Data: Flashback GPS records driving activity every single second, providing consistent tracking without gaps or holes. NO BREAD CRUMBS!
  4. Quality GPS Data With No Subsription: Flashback GPS requires no activation or monthly monitoring service fees, making it the perfect tool for police forces working on a tight budget.

As long as the good guys continue to have access to the most sophisticated real time GPS trackers, surveillance equipment and security products available they will continue to have an edge over criminals. Even a tough economy that has been the catalyst for budget cut-backs everywhere has not been enough to stop police from conducting precise investigations because where manpower falls short, trackers such as the Flashback GPS can pick up the slack!

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