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Law Enforcement Use Of GPS Trackers

police-carNo matter what country you live in their is no denying that police officers have one of the most serious and intense occupations in the world. Everyday the men in blue suit up to protect the citizens of their local region, not knowing what type of dangers they might encounter. Their role is invaluable to the communities and people that they serve and protect, yet they are criticized in the news on seemingly a nightly basis. To make matters worse, they are one of the first groups that feel the stress from budget cuts every time politicians mishandle taxpayer funds and have to start weakening public services. The latest topic among critics regarding police has been the use of GPS vehicle trackers to gather information on potential criminals.

GPS tracking system use has been amplifying at a consistent rate over the past 8 years as GPS trackers have dropped in price, and police have been absorbing massive and continuous cutbacks. In order to keep crime rates low with reduced resources, GPS tracking devices have needed to be used to compensate for the lack of police presence. People need to recognize that GPS tracking systems provide police the ability to conduct 24 hour a day surveillance operations without having to send a uniformed officer into the field. The technology that was once used solely for fleet management now gives police a solid way to collect incriminating evidence and bring criminals to justice without stretching an already thin police force.

The Issue With Using A Tracking System

The issue that many people have with police use of vehicle tracking devices is that some law enforcement agencies are not required to obtain a warrant before using the monitoring systems. Many law enforcement agencies do obtain warrants from a judge before placing a GPS tracking system upon a suspected criminal’s vehicle, but the truth is many states do not require that law enforcement obtain the paperwork before using a real time GPS tracker. This is where the problem resides for many privacy advocates.

Privacy advocates believe law enforcement use of GPS tracking systems is intrusive and an invasion of the rights’s of citizens. However, these same privacy advocates have no issue with the surveillance cameras that surround and record us everyday, from the grocery store, bank, to street lights. They also want all the bad guys off the streets, but are okay with cut backs to police departments. People need to realize that in order for law enforcement to effectively serve and protect the citizens they need all of the tools they can get, and that includes GPS trackers and other vehicle tracking or surveillance devices. The days of the cop busting the bad guy because he had a hunch are far gone, and it is now technology that gives police the edge over criminals.

Police should be respected and given everything they need to keep and sustain a safe environment for all of us. GPS tracking technology is something that helps police and keeps us safe. GPS tracking criminals is good thing, and people need to realize that. There is evil walking among us everyday, and it is the police who put that evil behind bars to protect us.

What are your thoughts on police and law enforcement agencies using police GPS trackers?