GPS Tracking Unit With Extended Battery Power

SilverCloud-GPS-ComputerWhen it comes to GPS tracking systems what businesses and consumers want are solutions that update quickly and have long-lasting battery power. Finding a GPS tracking system that updates around 6 times per minute is fairly commonplace now that cellular technologies have continued to expand, but when it comes to battery-life the reality is almost all GPS systems aren’t very adequate. This is because most vehicle tracking systems are only capable of offering 10-15 hours of GPS tracking when used the device is not pulling power from an outside source such as a car battery via hardwire connect or cigarette lighter port. This leaves many potential uses in a tough spot, that is of course before the launch of a new live GPS known as SilverCloud Overdrive.

What Is SilverCloud Overdrive

SilverCloud Overdrive is a GPS vehicle management solution that can provide real-time updates as fast as 20 times per minute while also offering upwards of 60 hours of motion GPS tracking data. That intelligently engineered vehicle tracker even includes a motion detection system that will place the GPS unit into a mode of sleep when the target vehicle is parked. This revolutionary design extends battery life for upwards of 2 months! However, what really makes SilverCloud Overdrive an impressive GPS tracking system are the numerous features designed to enhance surveillance:

No Software Required
Mobile Phone Access
Updates 20x Per Minute
Safe Zone Alerts
Aggressive Driving Alerts
Real-Time Locates

GPS Tracking: Growing Among Public & Businesses

The applications related to GPS tracking continue grow as more people and businesses become acquainted with technology and can see firsthand the benefits of locational-based technologies. For example, it is now very common for parents to utilize GPS tracking systems to learn where a teen driver is going or if a elderly driver is still driving safely. And businesses continue calling upon fleet tracking GPS devices for a number of applications ranging from mileage accounting to automotive security. In fact, the GPS monitoring industry continues to grow at a rapid rate as companies seek ways to reduce inefficiencies and families seek digital tools to upgrade personal safety.

SilverCloud Overdrive is currently priced at $399.00 and like all GPS systems that provide live locational data does require a monthly data obligation. The data obligations start at $29.95 per month which provide unlimited updates 60 times per hour.